A Single Tweet Has The Internet Up In Arms About Family Barf Bowls

A Single Tweet Has The Internet Up In Arms About Family Barf Bowls

What occurs if somebody in the home has a abdomen ache, however they’re too little or too sick to make it to the bathroom once they should throw up?

In many households, mother will stoically come to the rescue: “I’ll get the barf bowl.”

What is a barf bowl? Well, it will depend on your loved ones. And apparently the appropriate factor to make use of is for heated debate. Earlier this week, British creator Sarah Turner tweeted about her household’s barf bin custom and it sparked a world dialog about what’s proper, what’s mistaken and what’s unforgivably gross on the subject of containment containers.

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“My kids just discovered that the family sick bin and the cake mix bin are one and the same,” she wrote. “In my defense, this was also the case when I was growing up…but now that I’ve said it out loud, I realize I have to break the cycle. I will not answer any further questions.”

The tweet quickly went viral (no pun intended) and people had a lot to say about where kids should barf properly.

Many have stories from childhood about family bowls – many times mixing bowls, “the pancake bowl”, the popcorn bowl, soup pots, giant Tupperware and salad bowls. Anything big and wide.

Several people have claimed to have used jumbo ice cream buckets growing up. What… points for creativity! It even has a handle!

But many thought using a food prep bowl as a vomit bowl was a no-starter. Especially if there are plastic bags, trash cans and buckets.

“Trash with a plastic bag inside,” one person replied. “We have them next to every toilet and in every bedroom. We keep bowls in the kitchen and only use them for food. This whole concept is disgusting tbh. Really, you just can’t eat at everyone’s house.”

“Perhaps there is a correlation between a ‘family infirmary’ in which you also prepare food, and *needing* a designated container for your frequent vomit,” asked another person.

This is not the first time that barf vans have been a subject of contention. In 2020, another Twitter user started a conversation about using popcorn bowls for barf bowls, to a similar uproar.

And on TikTok, Buzzfeed found a recent video in which “popcorn vomit bowls” were undressed — and also flagged as a major cultural difference.

In it, user @raggedywench asks his white friend what a popcorn poop bowl even is — and his friend immediately knows: “The bowl you used when you were too sick to make it to the toilet that your mom gave you so you can stay safe.”

People in the comments verified it.

“Facts. The popcorn bowl is the biggest bowl in the house and does double duty,” mentioned one.

“It’s been the same bowl for twenty years of my life too,” remarked one other.

“It was also usually the Halloween candy bowl,” added one other.

“We also used ours for potato salad and took it to parties,” mentioned one other.

Commenters appeared to have a narrative a couple of bar bakkie – or they have been able to shock themselves by enthusiastic about the prospect.

“I will never eat at anyone’s house after this,” mentioned one.

Just go away this hyperlink for designated barf pickups right here.

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