All You Need Is a Smartphone and Internet To Start Gaming in the New BMW 5 Series

All You Need Is a Smartphone and Internet To Start Gaming in the New BMW 5 Series

Being an avid gamer, I grew up spending a lot of time playing on PCs and consoles. When I went on long distance car trips, I always had my PSP (PlayStation Portable) before smartphones and tablets were integrated with all the games you could think of. But it’s nice to see automakers keep gamers in mind by fitting their vehicles with dedicated platforms. This is not really surprising as games are becoming more and more mainstream.

AirConsole is an online cloud-based console system made specifically for local multiplayer gaming. With the industry focusing on hyper-realistic graphics and single-player stories, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy local multiplayer and party games.

AirConsole stands out because it uses a different system compared to traditional consoles – all you need is a screen and an internet connection to start playing. Players can use their smartphones as controllers. For users, this means you don’t have to invest in hardware, and you can jump in and play wherever you want. For BMW, in this case, no physical consoles need to be installed in the car, resulting in less effort and lower costs.

BMW has prepared a unique gaming look designed exclusively by BMW Group Design for the launch of the new 5 Series. It visually transforms the BMW 5 Series saloon into a gaming station inspired by various games you can find on the AirConsole platform. It features a unique gaming skin, symbolizing diving into the gaming experience down to individual pixels. It also pays homage to the iconic 8-bit era of PC gaming.

Photo: BMW

Drivers and passengers can only enjoy the AirConsole platform when the vehicle is stationary. This makes sense because it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to start playing while on the move. Let’s imagine you’re waiting for the i5 to charge, or you’ve made an appointment early in the 5 Series and have some time to kill.

All you have to do is launch the AirConsole app via the car’s digital interface and take out your smartphone. To join, scan the QR code on the BMW Curved Display, and you’re all set. You can play alone, but it’s more fun when you team up with your passengers or compete against each other.

AirConsole features a wide variety of so-called casual games. If you’re not familiar with the term, it describes games that are easy to pick up and play, with intuitive controls. The new BMW 5 Series’ selection included sports, racing, quiz and music quiz games, as well as strategy, jump and run, puzzle and simulation games. Specifically, there are about 15 titles to choose from, including “Go Kart Go,” “Golazo,” “Music Guess,” and “Overcooked.”

From my personal experience, I can vouch for “Overcook.” It’s really entertaining to play with friends – you have to work together and prepare all kinds of dishes that become more difficult with each level and serve them at a restaurant. It may sound overwhelming, but the game is simplified and easy to learn.

The portfolio of available games will continue to be expanded, as well as the BMW vehicles to support the AirConsole application.

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