An Honest Review of Vuori, Editor Tried & Tested 2022

An Honest Review of Vuori, Editor Tried & Tested 2022

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When shopping for performance wear, I usually gravitate towards bright and bold colors and patterns. If you rummage through my closet, you’ll find no shortage of tangerine orange workouts, orchid purples, moisture-wicking tops, and baby pink sweats. After struggling to mix and match my sportswear and putting together outfits for the gym, I decided to go for a colorful wardrobe and embark on a journey to basics. That’s when I discovered Vuori: an Internet-beloved headquarters for high-quality sports and workout basics that go with everything and anything in your closet.

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What is Vuori?

Known for its ultra-soft performance wear, Vuori easily climbed the sportswear ranks when it launched in 2014—it really however, started in 2020, back when many people ditched tight jeans and formal tops for more casual, practical relaxation. Homewear reigned supreme (and still does to this day) and Vuori proved itself a worthy contender for our wallets and wardrobes. Thanks to its soft and durable training and leisure pieces, the brand can offer both comfort and practical.

Vuori sells everything from long-sleeve crop tops to comfortable sweats to insulated jackets so warm, they keep you cozy even in 40 degree weather. how do i know I tested the coat in wintry Chicago (brrr). You can even buy cozy and functional accessories like this California Beanie and anti-odor Crew Socks.

But perhaps most impressive (and what makes Vuori stand out from the crowd) is its commitment to the environment and ethical manufacturing practices. Browsing the brand’s page, you’ll quickly find its code of conduct, which outlines Vuori’s stance on ethical labor. Peer further and you’ll find the brand’s commitment to working with environmentally friendly manufacturers who keep material waste and high water consumption at arm’s length.

Apart from Vuori’s impressive portfolio, I can attest to Vuori’s top quality. The stitching is neat and clean, there’s no pilling in sight, and the fabric feels extra luxurious—what’s not to love? From cream waffle crews to my personal favorite, the buttery-soft leggings for everyday use, check out the Vuori products I’ve tested (and made room for in my tiny NYC closet).

The best of Vuori

vuori wide leg

Daily Wideleg – $98.00

Holy guacamole. Constructed from a polyester and elastane blend, these wide leg pants are beyond buttery soft. What do I like about them? This pair has a high waist and hugs my legs in all the right places while adding just enough flare at the bottom (peach included). One thing to note: As someone who is 5’1, these pants tend to take long runs without any shoes, so I would recommend wearing them with thicker soles. I paired mine with chunky boots.

This pair is stretchy and forgiving, but also has an elastic tie for a contoured fit. Even more to swoon over? I can dress them up with sneakers and a tee or with a chunky knit and some boots. They are my new go-to pants.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colours: 3

vuori daily laying

Everyday Leggings – $89.00

Sister to the Daily Wideleg Pants, the Daily is the coziest leggings I’ve worked out in. I’ve taken these baddies out for running and lifting (even on plane rides), making them ideal for runners, weight lifters, gym goers, and travelers. Similar to the Wideleg, this pair has a high waist and has a drawstring waistband for a more tailored fit. Although my chest and shoulders were sweaty throughout the day, the Daily kept me dry and warm thanks to its moisture-wicking polyester and elastane blend. Now I don’t spend a day without them.

Sizes available: XXS-XXL

Colours: 8

vuori yosemite bra

Yosemite Bra – $58.00

As a runner, I love wearing a stretchy, supportive and stylish sports bra, and the Yosemite ticks all my boxes. The scoop neckline makes this bra flattering to wear and has a strap back that does double duty as design and support. With two removable cups, the Yosemite makes my laundry days a breeze. In addition, it is moisture wicking and breathable, thanks to the polyester and elastane blend. As a 32A, I found this bra to be supportive enough for running and #hotgirlwalks.

Sizes available: XXS-XXL

Colours: 7

vuori feather tea

Feather Tee – $58.00

I’m a boxy tea kind of girl, and this one exceeds my expectations of a white tea. Made from cotton and elastane, the Feather Tee is extremely comfortable, soft and breathable. Being 5’1 it’s a constant challenge to find tees that aren’t too long, but the bottom of the shirt falls right at my hips, making this tee wearable with all shorts. When I’m at home you’ll catch me wearing this tee paired with sweatpants and crocs or with mom jeans when I’m out and about. It’s the perfect white tea (literally).

Sizes available: XS-XXL

Colours: 4

spring harvest

Daily Harvest – $68.00

The Daily Crop offers a harmonious blend of stretch and compression. As part of the chubby-boobie committee, I can appreciate a built-in bra, and this one offers medium support, great for sports, jogging, walking, jogging and long walks. What I appreciate is the compressive kick neck. It’s flattering, yet supportive, so you don’t have to worry about nip slips. Made of polyester and elastane, this moisture-wicking crop top keeps sweat at bay.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colours: 3

vuori canyon jacket

Canyon Insulated Jacket – $188.00

The Canyon Insulated Jacket has climbed the ranks as my go-to gym coat. Made from polyamide and insulated with Primaloft, this jacket is super warm, cozy and water resistant. I wore this jacket in Chicago in 40 degree weather and during a rain storm. The result? It lasted and kept me nice and dry. Before Chicago, I wore this jacket daily to the gym in New York, and love going out because it has a full-length zipper to block out the wind and two side pockets to store your hands or essentials.

Sizes available: XS-XL

Colours: 3

vuori slouchy waffle crew

Slouchy Waffle Crew – $78.00

There is no shirt I love better than this Slouchy Waffle Crew. It’s roomy, big (you can easily tuck it into leggings, jeans or sweats), and the waffle texture is encouraging to wear. Although it has a casual silhouette, you can dress this shirt up. I paired this team with the Daily Widelegs and some black boots to round out my outfit. Warning: Made from a cotton, polyester, modal and elastane blend, it’s so soft you won’t want to take it off. I certainly haven’t since I received it in the mail.

Sizes available: XS-L

Colours: 3

Long Sleeve Lux Crop Tee – $64.00

Moisture wicking, UPF 30+ protection and odor resistant, this long sleeve t-shirt does all the hard work. After taking this tee out for a spin during treadmill runs and lifting, I can attest to how warm and sweat resistant this tee was. BTW, I sweat a lot, and was surprised to find that I don’t smell after BO post run or jump rope session. For me this tea retains heat so would recommend for outdoor runs or air conditioned spaces. I’ve washed this long sleeve t-shirt a few times, and so far it hasn’t pilled.

Sizes available: XS-L

Colours: 3

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Our editors select these products independently. By making a purchase through our links, Well+Good may earn a commission.

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