Catchpoint launches IPM capabilities to empower internet resilience

Catchpoint launches IPM capabilities to empower internet resilience

Catchpoint announced the introduction of new Internet performance monitoring capabilities designed to help organizations improve Internet resiliency at a time when reliance on the Internet for mission-critical business activities continues to increase for all types of organizations.

Catchpoint CEO and co-founder Mehdi Daoudi says, “Only Catchpoint offers the breadth and depth of IPM solutions to help IT, network operations and SREs achieve Internet resiliency with fewer resources. We focus on monitoring the Internet stack for the The past 14 years have been unparalleled.”

Catchpoint’s five IPM solutions enable companies to monitor, manage and optimize every component of the Internet stack to ensure excellent digital customer and workforce experiences.

All five solutions are built on a purpose-built cloud-native platform and allow Catchpoint customers to leverage the industry’s largest global observability network to monitor where their customers or employees are around the world.

Customer experience

Now more than ever, SREs and DevOps teams are under pressure to eliminate blind spots and prevent the impact of the incident from negatively impacting users’ digital experience. Catchpoint works to turn observed telemetry data from the entire digital delivery chain into preventive actions.

New customer experience IPM solution capabilities include:

  • Enhanced Smart Board Views: Provides geographic data, network impact, route impact that correlates BGP route data with synthetic performance data.
  • Customer Experience Score: Get a total view of CX by geography, service, by market segment, competitors, or by testing with customer-defined thresholds and alerts.
  • Performance Analytics Use: Web Page Test, the industry’s gold standard, providing website experience metrics (page load time, first content paint, time to interact, moviestrip, etc.) and actionable insights and dynamic experiments for website optimization.
  • Earth View Dashboard: An interactive view of global page views and performance based on RUM data, by city or country, to visually identify issues faster.

Connected and productive workforce

A workforce needs uninterrupted access to the applications and solutions needed to run the business. Catchpoint provides IT and network operations professionals with deep visibility needed to provide that essential protection amid a landscape of persistent distributed work.

New workforce experience IPM solution capabilities include:

  • Improved ability to identify who is having issues with total experience scores and modify them based on custom thresholds by user, location, team, service, etc.
  • Improved ability to identify what is causing problems, e.g. router, Wi-Fi connection, ISP, endpoint resources, VPN or SASE, or SaaS application.
  • Better visibility and reporting: New distribution charts for endpoint data sources, customizable dashboards and interactive views with more comprehensive data and improved usability.
  • Microsoft Teams Monitoring: Based on real-time flow data that provides information on QoS, call quality, connection throughput and other essential metrics. Capture measures performance directly from the endpoint (does not collect data from an MS service via API), and directly measures the actual experienced call quality for each employee on each call.

Prevention of network traffic losses

When everything is running on the network, traffic routing problems can quickly interrupt, or worse, bring business to a halt. Catchpoint enables network operations, network engineering and IT professionals to ensure that users can always deliver on the digital service delivery chain, while being protected from critical events, whether local or distributed.

New network experience IPM solution capabilities include:

  • Improved BGP Smartboard, Dashboard and Score Statistics: Builds on Catchpoint’s industry-leading offering, enabling IT teams to get to answers faster and with fewer clicks for improved MTTR.
  • The new BGP Smartboard: Enables examination of BGP peer event data over selected time frames, view announcements and withdrawals, then drill down to the details of each event.
  • The Enhanced BGP Dashboard: Allows users to see the health of the networks you rely on at a glance while viewing real-time data from over a thousand vantage points, including real-time data from Catchpoint peers.
  • Additional scoring metrics: Provides visibility into reachability, instant alert on route hijacks, peer visibility, mass withdrawals, RPKI status and BGP data by region.
  • Network mesh/node-to-node: General availability testing enables continuous monitoring for the availability and performance of the network, including the measurement of jitter, latency and packet loss. This ensures an always-on, high-quality network experience, especially useful for customers with multiple data centers, offices and PoP.
  • New DNSSEC support: To strengthen authentication in DNS by adding important security capabilities to the DNS protocol and allowing proactive testing of DNS nodes with DNSSEC enabled.

Detect application performance issues

Fast, traditional agent-based APM and NPM are no longer sufficient to ensure the success of business-critical applications, as they do not provide a critical outside perspective, the company says.

Catchpoint provides the view that enables DevOps and IT leaders to ensure that applications and services are available, functional and operational across all channels of the digital customer and employee experience, and in real-time.

New application experience IPM solution capabilities include:

  • New integrations, including Terraform, Jenkins pipeline, and others: Enable streamlining of continuous release and delivery activities across the entire DevOps lifecycle.
  • Proactive API monitoring use cases, now including JS and Selenium: Provides the most comprehensive, versatile list in the industry.
  • Improved metrics: Including uptime performance, functionality and integrity for endpoints, transactions, trips, gateways or meshes.

Reliable and resilient websites

Powered by Catchpoint WebPageTest, the gold standard web perf testing tool, Catchpoint’s Website Experience IPM solution enables front-end developers, QA teams and engineering managers to optimize their websites for performance, usability and resiliency.

New Website Experience IPM solution capabilities include:

  • WebPageTest Performance Monitoring: This means IT teams can now set up automated monitoring of their websites Core Web Vitals and more with all the power of WebPageTest, which unlocks advanced tests focused on site performance and UX.
  • Events and Experiments: Allowing front-end developers to save weeks or months of testing and tweaking website performance optimizations with automatically generated and customized performance experiments, without changes to production code.
  • Web Performance Courses: For companies and developers looking to improve their performance knowledge, Catchpoint has launched its first 100% free WebPerf course.

Powering Catchpoint’s IPM solutions

Catchpoint’s platform provides the core capabilities needed to power all of Catchpoint’s internet performance monitoring solutions.

Catchpoint Platform new capabilities include:

  • Anomaly Detection and Intelligent Metric Correlation: To identify trend shifts, stalls, events and changes that occur simultaneously based on statistical trends, so that the effects and root cause are immediately identified.
  • Symphony UI: Providing an intuitive user experience interface, making every interaction richer, while improving time to find new insights and taking action faster.
  • Control Center Library: Enabling tokens, passwordless authorizations, storing ASNs and certificates, increasing the security of synthetic tests and scripts, eliminating exposed passwords and the need for rotation, improving overall security.
  • Next Generation API: Offers a simpler, easier-to-use REST API to drive integrations and single pane of glass viewports, without sacrificing best-in-class telemetry.
  • Quick Tests: To provide free, real-time insights to increase many monitoring use cases.
  • Enterprise-grade enhancements: Allows you to search and display data from different business units, regardless of allocation.
  • Inline, multi-node selector: lets you compare the performance of different user perspectives in the same viewport.
  • Enhanced SSO support: For multiple providers, thereby increasing resiliency and improving security across your security stack.

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