Did Johnny Depp Really Say This About Animal Violence?

Did Johnny Depp Really Say This About Animal Violence?


Actor Johnny Depp as soon as mentioned, “If you don’t like seeing pictures of violence against animals posted, stop the violence, not the pictures.”



Fake superstar quotes are ubiquitous on the web, however one quote allegedly by Johnny Depp has been making the rounds since not less than 2014. Depp, who has been rumored to be vegan for years, reportedly as soon as mentioned, “If you don’t. Like seeing pictures of violence against animals being posted, you have to stop the violence, not the pictures.”

We scoured the web to search out out the place and when he’s believed to have made this assertion. In addition to being quoted on blogs, memes and throughout social media, the Telegraph, Bustle and even musician Moby have additionally attributed this quote to Depp.

But none of those locations truly supplied us with the proper supply for this assertion — whether or not it was in an interview, a publicly launched assertion, or one thing Depp wrote personally. On some web sites, the quote appeared with out attribution to Depp.

In 2014, Depp was rumored to have supplied vegan choices at his engagement occasion to his ex-wife Amber Heard, who was mentioned to be vegan herself.

In the spring of 2022, Heard and Depp, who divorced in 2017, went to trial to settle a defamation case associated to an article Heard wrote alleging that Depp abused her throughout their marriage. During the trial, Heard additionally accused him of cruelty to certainly one of her canine. Depp allegedly grabbed her Yorkie and held it out the window of a transferring automobile whereas “howling like an animal.”

However, after a jury awarded Depp damages at trial, he was noticed at an Indian restaurant within the UK, and his group reportedly ordered a big meal that included hen. Depp was additionally noticed at a wildlife rescue in England.

We might discover no proof that Depp truly made the remark about violence in the direction of animals, and rumors of his veganism have but to be confirmed. As such, we charge this declare as “Unsubstantiated.”


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