Elon Musk’s this question leaves internet scratching head. Can you answer? | World News

Elon Musk’s this question leaves internet scratching head. Can you answer? | World News

Elon Musk took to Twitter on Tuesday to hunt a solution to what seemed to be a paradox, asking his followers, “Wait, if I tweet, does that count as work?” Musk threw the question in a reference to his position of being the top at Twitter as he posts tweets and organizes polls throughout his working hours.

Paradox, a literary machine the place an argument contradicts itself, typically entangles individuals in conflicting concepts. They typically make one battle between fact and falsehood and encourage individuals to suppose past the anticipated boundaries. Soon after Musk’s tweet, individuals tried to motive it out in his replies whereas explaining their understanding of why or why not, Musk’s paradox was true.

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“A lot of ‘journalists’ think it works when they do this… you have a much more reasonable claim here,” stated one consumer.

Another individual argued that it counts as work because it’s content material for the media, as he made an obvious reference to the media’s inflated protection of the social media platform since Musk took over Twitter final month. While another customers believed the other to be true as they pointed to Tesla – one of many 5 corporations underneath Musk’s watch – underneath stress as a consequence of his shifted focus to Twitter.

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Amidst the flood of responses, one stated: “It’s nice to get paid for what you love to do!” as a result of he cited the individuals related to the playing career to assist that Musk’s tweets rely as work. Some individuals have additionally warned Musk in opposition to being a social media supervisor for Twitter, a job Musk has been closely invested in since he fired your complete communications crew at Twitter. They have been among the many 3,500 workforce laid off earlier this month.

With almost 3 lakh likes and 1000’s of retweets, Musk’s tweet comes amid his declare that Twitter is experiencing a spike in day by day energetic customers. “Twitter added 1.6 million daily active users last week, another all-time high,” his tweet comes amid criticism over his management model on the social media platform.

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