India Internet Governance Forum 2022 to be held from Dec 9-11

India Internet Governance Forum 2022 to be held from Dec 9-11

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF), a multi-stakeholder platform, is holding a three-day hybrid event from December 9 to December 11, 2022.

The objective of the event is to discuss the road map to digitization and to reaffirm India’s place on the global stage by highlighting its role and importance in international policy development on Internet governance.

All participants in the global Internet governance ecosystem, including government, business, civil society and academia, are brought together by the IIGF as equal members of the larger Internet governance discourse.

This event will focus on India’s digitization roadmap, opportunities and possibilities, and challenges and it will highlight its role and importance in the development of International Internet Governance Policy, the press note said.

Tripti Sinha, Board Chair, ICANN said: “It is an honor to be here today and to speak at IGF India, my home country. It is a great platform to bring together a variety of stakeholders and discuss public policy issues related to the Internet. ICANN’s mission is to ensure the stable and secure operation of the Internet. The technical pillar of ICANN helps make it possible for your device or platform to connect to any other device or platform on the Internet worldwide. Next, policy development is the technical aspect of the Internet’s unique identification governed by the ICANN multistate model. Here, model individuals, non-commercial interest groups, industry and government play important roles in formulating policies. The ICANN organization monitors and enforces compliance with the obligations if the policies are developed by the global multiple stakeholders of the community. ICANN appreciates the Indian government’s support for the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance. We recognize the growth of the wider internet ecosystem of India (currently 800 million USPs) which is expected to grow to over 900 million by 2023 compared to just 400 million users in 2018. Developments of platforms UPI and Aadhar are now also the worth it. Thus, it will allow rural India to benefit from the Internet and make it a true digital economy.

Anil Kumar Jain, CEO, NIXI, said, “Through the Indian Internet Governance Forum, we aim to ensure the participation of all stakeholders to harness the power of the Internet for economic growth. This event is expected to help the participants to understand the opportunities and challenges in the sector and provide very effective insights for the future actions.”

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a multi-stakeholder forum that brings together representatives of different groups to discuss public policy matters concerning the Internet.

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