Influencer Brittany Dawn Nelson is fostering a baby, and the internet is mad

Influencer Brittany Dawn Nelson is fostering a baby, and the internet is mad

Christian influencer Brittany Dawn Nelson is under fire again. But this time a foster child is involved.

When Nelson and her husband announced they were adopting a baby, their troubled past drew criticism online. The Texas-based influencer was sued by the state earlier this year.

The suit accuses Nelson and her fitness business of falsely claiming to have expertise in eating disorders and failing to fulfill customer orders.

Meanwhile, her husband, Jordan Nelson, a former police officer, was sued by the ACLU in 2013 for using excessive force against an unarmed Black man.

Who is Brittany Dawn Nelson?

Brittany Dawn Nelson is a social media personality who is married to Jordan Nelson. In 2019, she became popular as a fitness instructor.

Since then, she has shifted her content from fitness to conservative Christian fundamentalist views. BuzzFeed News reported in February that her followers accused her of turning her brand to religion to avoid scrutiny of her fitness venture.

This led to entire online communities forming around her, driven by the goal of exposing the alleged hypocrisy of her and other Christians.

What is the Brittany Dawn Nelson Foster Child Controversy?

As detailed by TikToker @alyssastephanie, Nelson and her husband are now in the hot seat over a foster care scandal.

Nelson has claimed in the past that he has fertility problems. In October, she began expressing interest in fostering a baby. This led to paid Instagram posts of baby supplies before she had a foster child.

On November 30, the couple claimed to be legal foster parents in Texas. Then, on December 12, they said they welcomed a baby. This is what raised more suspicion.

Many feel that the foster care system is not working as quickly, and so they wonder if Nelson obtained the baby through more sinister means. In addition, the couple revealed that the baby suffered from mid-stage withdrawals and posted a photo with the baby’s face blurred, which could violate the rules.

What is a “Fundie”? What is “Fundie Snark” about? Reddit? On which is “Brittany Dawn Snark”. Reddit?

A “fundie” is a derogatory term for a religious fundamentalist or someone whose relationship to religion is characterized by strict literal interpretations of scriptures and ideologies.

In the US, fundamentalists are typically affiliated with various sects of Christian Evangelicalism and Protestantism. Colloquially, according to Urban Dictionary, a fundie is essentially a “Jesus Freak.”

Those who criticize fundies tend to participate in online communities on Reddit such as “Fundie Snark” and “Brittany Dawn Snark.” The former forum is committed to bashing and mocking fundies, while the latter is specifically about criticizing Brittany Dawn Nelson.

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