Internet infrastructure & cybersecurity firm announces free offering for nonprofits

Internet infrastructure & cybersecurity firm announces free offering for nonprofits

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Internet infrastructure and cybersecurity company Cloudflare has announced a new, free offering for nonprofits and risk groups.

The Cloudflare One suite of Zero Trust security tools adds to its existing free services through its Galileo and Athens projects. Previously typically only available to large enterprises, they are currently used by over 10,000 customers.

Zero Trust ensures that all traffic in and out of a business is verified and authorized, and requires strict identity verification for every person and device. According to Cloudflare, while many large enterprises use Zero Trust, smaller IT teams, limited budgets and a lack of resources previously made it more difficult for smaller organizations.


To address this, Cloudflare is extending the Zero Trust suite to the two Impact initiatives, which support the security needs of public interest groups. Project Galileo participants are artists, journalists and humanitarian organizations. Participants in the Athenian Project are local and state election sites that work to protect elections in the United States.

With Cloudflare One, these risk groups will be able to:

  • Automatically protect organizations from phishing attacks: Cloudflare Area 1 Security blocks malicious emails before they reach inboxes, and if a malicious link arrives through other channels and is clicked, the browser isolation and DNS filtering stop the query before it can load.
  • Connect all employees, apps, partners and volunteers: Employees can work from anywhere and still access the tools they need, while administrators can control which partners and volunteers can access specific applications and resources.
  • Secure a path to the Internet: Cloudflare One provides an encrypted, secured ramp to the Internet and prevents sensitive data from leaving the organization, blocks attempts to connect to a malicious destination, scans downloads for malware and blocks them before the user can open them. Administrators can also create policies that prevent the accidental or malicious loss of data and restrict uploads to approved destinations.

Switchboard commented:

“As a non-profit organization that provides services to vulnerable and at-risk people, Switchboard’s infrastructure must be secure and trusted at all times. We have the same security challenges as any other modern organization, but without Project Galileo we would not be able to afford the robust solutions needed to operate online and protect against increasingly sophisticated attacks. Cloudflare’s services give us confidence that our infrastructure is secure and allow us to focus our limited resources on supporting our service users.”

UK Fundraising has been using Cloudflare for several years to protect against denial of service or other malicious acts. Just yesterday we received our latest update from them reporting 394 threats identified and prevented during November 2022.

Screenshot of Cloudflare reporting 394 threats against during November 2022.
Cloudflare has helped protect UK Fundraising for many years. Image: Cloudflare.

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