Mexico aviation facing hurdles

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s home airline trade is in shambles, stricken by security issues, a scores downgrade by the US Federal Aviation Administration and vandalism.

This week alone, passengers missed connections as a result of thieves lower the fiber-optic cables resulting in the airport in Mexico City, forcing immigration authorities to revert to utilizing gradual paper kinds.

The web outage on Wednesday got here almost a month after aviation and transportation authorities had been pressured to droop medical, bodily and license renewal exams till 2023 as a result of the transportation division’s laptop programs had been hacked.

After a near-miss between two planes on the Mexico City airport on May 7, issues solely obtained worse. Authorities have revealed that one of many airport’s predominant terminals is sinking and wishes emergency work to repair it.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s response was to recommend permitting overseas airways to fly home routes. But the security downgrade — the FAA dropped Mexico from Category 1, which has probably the most nations, to the decrease Category 2 in 2021 — prevents Mexican airways from opening new routes to the United States.

Thus, Mexico’s struggling airways face competitors of their dwelling market, with no entry to new worldwide routes. Experts say all the pieces appears like catastrophe for home aviation, a sector that Lopez Obrador has positioned particular emphasis on creating.

“It is not very encouraging for investment or the prospect of restoring Category 1 in the short or medium term,” aviation professional Rodrigo Soto-Morales wrote within the commerce journal a21, referring to the web failure and hacking.

Authorities mentioned the airport web cables in Mexico had been lower by thieves who mistakenly thought the fiber optic cables had been salable copper. They burdened it occurred off airport property, however it was truly a cable duct main on to the airport from lower than a mile away.

Rogelio Rodriguez Garduno, an aviation professional who teaches aviation legislation at Mexico’s National Autonomous University, mentioned the occasions replicate a decades-long lapse in Mexico’s aviation regulation. Mexico, in contrast to most nations, doesn’t have an impartial aviation company.

“If something goes wrong, they investigate themselves and say they bear no responsibility,” Garduno mentioned.

This doesn’t bode properly for Lopez Obrador’s promise to get a Category 1 safety score.

“It seems possible that this is a process where we are taking steps backwards,” Garduno mentioned.

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