Missing detail on NSW rental divides internet

Missing detail on NSW rental divides internet

A house plan for a NSW property has left the internet stunned – but not everyone believes a missing key feature is a design flaw.

The Central Coast blueprint went viral after the four-bedroom, one-bathroom home was listed online for rent. Sitting directly on the shores of Lake Tuggerah in the sought-after suburb of Gorokan, this $695-a-week home almost seems too good to be true.

But one eagle-eyed woman quickly spotted a major missing detail.

The Gorokan property from the back of the house (left) and the patio (right).

The Gorokan property on the NSW Central Coast boasts direct access to Lake Tuggerah with stunning views. Source: Black Property

Despite large rooms, a modern kitchen, multiple living spaces, air conditioning and a covered entertainment deck, she couldn’t overlook an AWOL aspect.

“The “4th” bedroom does not have a window! she wrote on Facebook along with the property’s house plan, which revealed a room wedged between the living room and bedroom two.

But after sharing the image online, other users pointed out further design flaws.

“The living room doesn’t have one [a window] either,” one person wrote. “And you have to go on the patio to get to the third bedroom,” someone else said. “What a stupid design.”

While another pointed out that the toilet is directly next to a bathroom that also includes a toilet, someone else commented on the significantly narrow garage.

“What kind of car is that garage for?” they asked. “B double? Hummer”

The house plan of the Gorokan house.

One eagle-eyed Facebook user was quick to point out that the fourth bedroom ‘doesn’t have a window.’ Source: Black Property

‘It’s wrong in many ways’

The post has since generated over a hundred comments, with many slamming the “oddly planned house”.

“What the hell is that layout?” written by one person. “The more you look at it, the worse it gets,” says another. “I think it’s wrong in many ways,” someone else added.

Others suggested that the estate agent tried to pass off the windowless room and room on the patio as bedrooms.

“They just advertised it as a four bedroom to make it look more attractive,” one person wrote, “when it’s most likely a two bedroom plus study and games room.”

Some users have also hinted that the outside room could have been a sunroom or late addition to the property.

One of the bedrooms with windows.

One of the bedrooms with windows. Source: Black Property

‘I’d Rather It Be Pitch Black’

While many users avoided the “dark house”, some insisted that a windowless room was common to older houses.

“I grew up in an old Queenslander and we had a middle bedroom in the house [it] didn’t have a window,” one person said. “A million Queenslander style houses have multiple rooms like this,” wrote another.

Some even said they would prefer a room without a view.

“I would love a bedroom with no window, damn the light kills my eyes all the time (high sensitivity),” said one user. “So much [light] come into my room around the blinds and I hate it,” commented another. “[I’d] be pitch black instead.”

“Am I the only one who would like this room as a night shift?” someone else asked. While others said the windowless room would make a great media room, editing suite or office.

“At least you don’t have to worry about curtains,” one person added.

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