Unique Mountain Road In China leaves Internet Stunned

Unique Mountain Road In China leaves Internet Stunned

While nature is beautiful in itself, humans never miss a chance to add to its beauty with their unique and sometimes shocking structures. Mountain roads are terrifying in themselves, especially if you are afraid of heights.

Mountain roads are never straight for obvious reasons and cover the mountain in a crooked way. But have you ever heard of a zigzag mountain road that gives you chills when you look down from it?

Well, China has one, and a video of the same has surfaced on social media, leaving people on the internet stunned at the mere sight of it. Watch the viral video here to find out what we’re talking about.

Zigzag mountain road in China’s Chongqing

Erik Solheim, a former diplomat from Norway, posted a video of a Chinese road with many hairpin turns. In a tweet, Solheim identified this footage of a mountain road in the Chinese municipality of Chongqing. Solheim captioned the video: “Mountain roads in Chongqing, China.”

The road has extremely little traffic, allowing the cars to carefully negotiate each turn as seen in the video. The road appears to be built between two mountains and appears to be made of concrete rather than the usual asphalt. Further in the video, you can see the different views of the road, and it is both terrifying and beautiful.

People on the internet were left horrified

The video went viral on the internet, and many people were seen commenting on it. Many people found the video terrifying and beautiful at the same time. A man wrote: “This is interesting. Better on a motorcycle, don’t be drunk.”

Another man added: “Looks hard to negotiate, sure there’s been moving than a few fender-benders in there.”

A man also wrote, “me, afraid of heights and such… I’d rather NOT drive there. Chongqing is beautiful”

A lady added: “Exciting as well as horrible.”

Chongqing is a cultural center

Not only on this road, there is a lot to see in Chongqing. Among the important cultural institutions in the city are the Chongqing Municipal Museum and the Chongqing Library.

The China Three Gorges Museum, which opened in 2005 in the heart of Chongqing. Among the many historical and cultural artifacts on display are a significant number of objects collected from regions submerged by the Three Gorges Reservoir.

Another popular attraction is the Great Hall of the People, which has a substantial dome with a classical design. Numerous locations linked to the Nationalist administration during the war have been preserved in the city, including the homes of American Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell, Song Qingling and the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek.

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