Yes, It Was Down: The Top 10 Internet Outages of 2022

Yes, It Was Down: The Top 10 Internet Outages of 2022

Where were you when the lights went out on TikTok? For a few hours on September 15, there was one less way to hear Harry Styles sing(Opens in a new window) “Go home, go ahead, light speed internet/I don’t wanna talk about what it was like.”

Downdetector has the inside scoop and compiled a list of the top 10 internet outages of 2022(Opens in a new window). TikToks came in at number 10, with around 300,000 Tokkers checking to see if they were the only ones who couldn’t log in.

Next is Snapchat, which ceased to exist for four hours on July 12. Users who logged in found themselves kicked out faster than their photos could disappear. Over 300,000 users have reported their woes to Downdetector.

Reddit is where so many go to get questions answered, but on April 3rd they had to go to Downdetector instead, when Reddit went down for two hours.

On August 16, gamers had to answer the Call of Duty elsewhere. Anyone who wanted to engage in virtual warfare had to wait for four hours.

Twitter is where most everyone on any other platform is going to complain about site outages. But on July 14, more than 500,000 Twitter users flew to Downdetector because their news feeds refused to reload.

Just a few hours later on the same day, Instagram was just as empty. Downdetector got 600,000 reports in just three hours.

If you took to Roblox to celebrate May the Fourth by playing Star Wars: Space Battle, you were out of luck. The gaming platform was down for several hours, with more than 700,000 people taking their misery out on Downdetector.

Discord had its own, well, discord on March 8th. The site has a passionate user base, as 1.1 million people reported problems to Downdetector in just two hours.

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While WhatsApp isn’t the most popular messaging platform in the United States, it reigns supreme in most of the world. That’s why an outage on October 25 had 2.9 million people watching Downdetector when service was due to be restored.

And the biggest break of 2022 seems fitting, since the site is known for summing up the year for so many of us. Spotify was down for two hours on March 8, and more than 2.9 million people searched for their listening fix.

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