10 Best Must Have Android Games in Your Smartphone ~ My Mobile India

10 Best Must Have Android Games in Your Smartphone ~ My Mobile India

While online games are extremely popular, offline games are just as entertaining as they can be played without an internet connection. Although online games are extremely popular like Casumo Casino in the UKthey can also be played offline by first downloading them and then installing them on you PC.

Android Offline Games are a dozen that can be played for hours without getting bored, which has become a popular pastime for many users during the peak period of lockdown due to Covid-19 where many of them played these games.

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  • Android Offline Games have been extremely popular for years, which only grew during the lockdown.
  • The like Ludo King, My Talking Tom, Candy Crush Sagahave become household names where almost every family member plays them in their spare time.
  • Then there is the like Chess, Bubble Shooter, Sniper 3D Shooter which requires strategic skills to clear which is good for keeping your mind sharp and alert.

10 Best Offline Android Games

There was a time when we had video games and comic books to pass or free time than anyone who grew up during the 80’s, 90’sand 2000’s can confirm how it was a golden phase for them that gives tons of nostalgia whenever they go down memory lane.

Now with so many Android smartphones and tablets at our disposal, smaller board games like Ludo and Chess have become a thing of the past, especially for the millennial generation, as due to the gadgets we can download as many games as we want.

Android games

Here are 10 of the best Android games that you can play offline when you go on a long drive or take a train or flight because you can easily pass your time through the journey without worrying about getting bored.

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We start with the most popular one, because everyone who knows about mobile games has heard of Candy Crush Saga where you have to match three candies of the same color to clear a space, after which you can unlock the next level once the entire section is cleared.

This is an excellent option for offline gaming, which you can play alone while traveling on a long-distance journey that has excellent graphics and animation, along with daily rewards for boosting your pantry.

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If you are traveling for a long distance, Ludo is an excellent option to choose which also has a hint of snake and leather, which is a classic game that is still popular among people of all age groups.

There can be no greater fun than beating your opponents and sending them packets or teaming colors to make the game more challenging, which can be played on the offline mode where you can use the play and pass mode or even your devices can connect to play via Bluetooth.

It’s a driving game where Physics comes into play where Newton Bill is an uphill racer and you have to help him navigate new and dangerous paths, while there are simulations galore ranging from Ragnarok to Artic, where the entire game follows the laws of physics strictly follow .

You have to collect coins, upgrade your car and earn bonuses with tricks like midway flips and cartwheels, although you have to maneuver the wheels and brakes to avoid accidents while making sure you don’t run out of gas.

Another game that people of all age groups can enjoy as people find Tom the cat cute and adorable in the game where your goal is to feed them, clean them and keep them fit and healthy which is a solo venture which you earn on your own as the cat coins for buying food.

You can also take advantage of features like free videos through which you win free items like diamonds and drinks, which otherwise require real cash to buy. There is a new update where Tom gets a plane and free tickets to travel around the world.

Carrom is a game that is quite challenging as it requires the player to have good knowledge of Physics and Mathematics where you can play the game in both online and offline mode while one player can play it on the same or different devices via the multiplayer option.

The goal is to collect all the strings and throw all the color coins in front of your opponent, which is quite entertaining to try out because those who have played carrom as an indoor game know how to manage it here as well.

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This is a game where only one person can play at a time as it involves the use of reflexes and concentration where your goal is to save the children from the oncoming train while there is a grumpy inspector in pursuit.

You have to jump from tracks to the top of many trains, collect coins, avoid beams and get caught, which is something that gives many players an adrenaline rush, which is pretty good for keeping reflexes in check.

Now this is a game where you can relax and have fun as much as you want because the goal here is just to aim the nozzle at bubbles and match the colors where a three color match clears the section and the next level be unlocked.

Although the first level is easy, managing things becomes difficult when the levels increase as the speed of the falling bubbles also increases, where your task is to clear the board before the bubbles crush the gun.

This is a game that needs no introduction as it is one of the oldest strategy based games in the world where you stay engaged until the very end, which can be many, many hours, where you have to sit with a poker face as you plan and strategize on how to beat your opponent’s army and checkmate him.

The movement of the pieces is the same as a normal chess game, but here you have two special moves added, one of which is Castling, a double move where the king and the unmoved rook switch places.

The other move is called En passant where a pawn can take over another pawn under its area. All in all, one of the best strategy games that can keep the best of players awake and at the end, which can be left to continue later as the game can hardly last 15 to 20 minutes.

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This is a game that appeals to players with excellent shooting skills or those who want to improve and cultivate them to take down the villains, because Sniper 3D is an enterprise that everyone with a passion for shooting games swears by where your job is to find the target, aim, load and shoot, while saving yourself at the same time.

This game has realistic graphics, excellent levels and upgrades that are sure to keep you on your toes as you crack the code and find the killer.

Temple Run was a huge success, and that’s why the makers capitalized on it and launched Temple Run 2, which became an even bigger success as it involves challenges like successfully overcoming the dangers and traps of the frozen land. navigate around the safety of the outer walls, along with stolen treasures.

There are many super villains like devil monkeys that you have to take on in this dangerous journey and an excellent undertaking to test your concentration and reflexes as you jump over steep cliffs and run along the edge of numerous walls and collect coins and power-ups.

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