FRSC creates mobile court to reduce road crashes, deaths

FRSC creates mobile court to reduce road crashes, deaths

FRSC creates mobile court for speedy trial of traffic offenders

By Jeph Ajobaju, Chief Copy Editor

Traffic regulation violators will be tried this festive season by a mobile court created by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) to speed up trials and reduce road accidents and deaths.

FRSC Sagamu Unit Command in Ogun expects speedy adjudication of cases to deter road users from disobeying traffic rules.

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Taofiq Iyanda, unit commander, said motorists who are apprehended for lane violation, driving against traffic and other traffic offenses will have their vehicles impounded and prosecuted in the mobile court.

He enthused that the exercise will check the excess of drivers that can lead to the loss of lives through road accidents.

“We appeal to motorists to obey traffic rules and regulations to curb accidents on the highway, especially during the upcoming festive season.

“Besides, they must collaborate with FRSC personnel and other sister agencies to ensure sanity on the highways and to get to their various destinations safely,” he said, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).


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Possession of all vehicle details

Iyanda urged motorists to have all relevant documents so as not to be delayed by traffic personnel during their journeys.

Motorists should ensure that their vehicles are properly serviced, especially for long journeys, to avoid breakdowns on the roads, he added, per The PUNCH.

He emphasized that the fog lights of vehicles are necessary to function as harmattan has started in some parts of the country.

He also warned against reckless driving, illegal overtaking and drunk driving to minimize accidents.

Nigeria records 32,617 road traffic deaths

A total of 65,053 road traffic accidents occurred in Nigeria in the six years from 2016 to 2021, resulting in 32,617 deaths, based on data compiled by the FRSC.

Assistant Marshal Ayobami Omiyade made the unveiling at a retreat in Lagos in October themed, “Promoting Strategic Partnership for Innovative Road Safety Intervention in Lagos and Ogun States: Zone RS2 Lagos View Point.”

He revealed that 200,784 people were injured in the accidents and broke down the statistics on deaths as follows:

  • 2016 – 5,053
  • 2017 – 5,121
  • 2018 – 5,181
  • 2019 – 5,483
  • 2020 – 5,574
  • 2021 – 6,205

Omiyade said the combined road traffic accident statistics for Zone RS2 comprising Lagos and Ogun shows 449 lives were lost in 2020 and 574 in 2021.

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