Intel’s secret ROC overclocking app pushes Core i9-13900HK mobile CPU to 5.8 GHz

Intel’s secret ROC overclocking app pushes Core i9-13900HK mobile CPU to 5.8 GHz

Intel Lab has special ROC software overclocking

Intel ROC (not to be confused with AMD ROCm programming stack) is an overclocking application used by Intel OC and validation labs.

Intel ROC Application, Source: Der8auer

Der8auer visited Intel labs where the company tests current and upcoming processors. He explains the design of the Intel reference platform used for testing, and what capabilities these motherboards offer Intel engineers. Most of these features are not (and will never be) available to users.

The most interesting part of the video is Der8auer showing Intel’s special overclocking application called ROC (Real-Time OverClocking), which is not publicly available. Combined with the validation motherboard, which has direct access to thousands of variables that control the CPU, Intel can monitor and validate all changes to the CPU on the fly.

Intel ROC Application, Source: Der8auer

This tool is much easier to use than Intel XTU (eXtreme Tuning Utility) which is available as official overclocking application for unlocked Core series. The ROC software provides direct control over individual cores through a one-click interface. It gives unprecedented access to overclocking on Intel CPUs with as few clicks as possible. With their custom overclocking software, Intel employees can adjust the speed of individual cores, even if it’s a hybrid architecture with smaller and larger cores.

Roman took ROC for quick test with mobile processor called Core i9-13900HK. One should note that this is not the HX-SVE with 24 cores based on Raptor Lake die, but the unlocked version with 8 Performance and 8 Efficient cores, thus an Alder Lake-P die. The CPU is installed on a reference platform with non-standard air cooling (ie not slim mobile cooler). Engineers can swap out the CPU at any time.

Intel Core i9-13900HK on validation platform, Source: Der8auer

Der8auer overclocked the CPU to 5.6 up to 6.0 GHz, but once it reached 5.985 GHz the system crashed. However, it ran well at 5.8 GHz, which is still somewhat astonishing with all cores for a mobile processor.

Intel Core i9-13900HK overclocked to 6.0 GHz, Source: Der8auer

Intel has no plans to make the ROC app public at the moment, but perhaps the company might be persuaded to introduce a similar interface to its XTU app at some point. The version used in the video was a special ‘der8auer Xtreme Edition’, which may have been a custom tool specifically for this video.


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