Leverate Launches Digital Trading Platform

Leverate Launches Digital Trading Platform

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Brokers and traders now have access to a new mobile digital trading platform that Leverate Ltd, a provider of global brokerage solutions, offers with two recent developments – the introduction of a free mobile trading platform for brokers and social trading through the launch of its BX8 Binary Options platform to boost conversion rates and deposits for binary options brokers. The use of the platform is free for one year.

Leverate says its mobile trading platform, which will be free for all brokers for one year, will provide a high-caliber trading experience on mobile devices to improve customer services. The app will be available for Android and iOS devices.

This platform, complete with a branded interface, mirrors the features and benefits of Leverate’s Sirix desktop version. Traders get instant access to their accounts along with financial trading options, enhanced by real-time market data and advanced charting tools.

Leverate claims their mobile platform offers ultra-low latency, courtesy of a cross-connect with major Tier 1 market makers through Equinix DC, and fast execution speeds. This combination enables a trading experience with minimal delays and fast trade execution. Given that 54% of traders will use mobile devices for trade execution by 2023, this development is a critical step to remain competitive.

Communication and automation

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Leverate’s platform also provides communication between brokers and traders, due to advanced marketing automation in the Sirix mobile application. These customized marketing features coincide with the exact position of merchants in their conversion cycle. Furthermore, Leverate’s mobile platform enables seamless integration across existing platforms, providing brokers with a cost-free front-end solution.

On another front, Leverate is also pioneering social trading with its BX8 Binary Options platform. This technology increases conversion rates and deposits for binary options brokers by incorporating social trading, successfully proven in Leverate’s Sirix FX platform. The BX8 platform provides an extensive network for brokers and clients, who share data on orders and trading strategies, effectively reducing the learning curve for novice traders.

The BX8 platform also integrates an efficient customer management system, LXCRM, and popular features such as virtual currency trading. A robust exposure management system ensures fast and accurate analysis of market conditions, protecting brokers while maintaining attractive trader payouts.

“Leverate is at the forefront of redefining the digital commerce landscape,” said Ran Strauss, Leverate CEO. “With our recent progress, we deliver unique solutions to enrich brokers’ customer services and improve trading efficiency.”

“By offering our state-of-the-art mobile trading platform to brokers for free for one year, and introducing the BX8 Binary Options platform, we are creating avenues for interactive social trading and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the global brokerage industry. At At Leverate, we are committed to constant innovation that empowers our customers and drives the industry forward,” added Strauss.

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