Man arrested for cheating mobile sellers by posing as doctor | Mumbai news

Man arrested for cheating mobile sellers by posing as doctor | Mumbai news

Mumbai: The Agripada police have arrested a 31-year-old man who used to pretend to be a doctor and cheat people. Police said the man approached people who posted advertisements for the sale of mobile phones on online marketplaces and fled with the phone on some pretext. The arrested accused has been identified as Rajkamal Tandiya (31), a resident of Rabale in Navi-Mumbai. Police said he lost his job at a call center in Navi Mumbai after which he started defrauding people. Many times he posed as a doctor or claimed that his wife was admitted to a hospital and called sellers of luxury phones near the hospital, a police official said.

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He always told them that he was a doctor and although he was willing to pay the price quoted by them, it was not possible for him to leave the hospital and visit them to enable him to their phones for sale, the police officer of Agripada police station said. “He often chatted with the victims through an app and asked them to bring the phone, the box and the bill to show that he was a genuine customer. As soon as the person got near the hospital, he would meet him outside, see the phone for a while and then request that he wanted to show it to his wife or under some other pretext take the phone to the hospital and with a other route flight. , the officer added.

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He allegedly cheated one such person on February 2 outside the Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai Central after which the vendor approached the Agripada police station where a case of fraud was registered. “We studied his mode. He changed SIM cards every time he cheated someone and this made it difficult to arrest him and would not even sell the stolen phones,” said DCP Zone III, Akbar Pathan. The cops learned that the accused was further trying to cheat one more customer who posted his high-end phone to sell on OLX through him, they reached Tandiya.

Tandiya also cheated people outside Reliance Foundation Hospital in Charni Road, outside Sarvodaya Hospital in Ghatkopar and outside a hospital in Saki-Naka.

“We got four OnePlus phones and one Samsung phone from him. We also recovered a stethoscope, surgical hair cap, masks and several SIM cards from him,” said Pathan. Pathan said that the accused made a reception from the hospital before calling any of the persons he wanted to call to cheat. He would study the entrance and exit doors properly. “Once he took the phone from the victim, he fled through the other door wearing masks and hair caps to evade the CCTV cameras installed at hospitals and surrounding areas,” said Pathan.

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