Mobile Phones Usage Decreases Book Reading Habit Among Readers

Mobile Phones Usage Decreases Book Reading Habit Among Readers

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 11th Dec, 2022 ) : The use of mobile phones has greatly reduced and reduced the reading habits of books among writers, intellectuals, writers, poets, students and other readers.

Speaking to APP, Assistant Professor of Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur, Dr Sahib Khan said that the people, especially students, are reading books, newspapers, theses and other materials using the internet on mobile phones rather than hard copies and this has affected book reading badly.

He said that people belonging to every age were busy with messages, texts and tweets using Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social networking applications and this instantly reduced the concept of book reading among his lovers.

He said that reading books improves knowledge and gives enough information to compete with the world and also enables a person to talk to others with logic, evidence, evidence and solid imagination.

He said: “Read thousands of books and words will come like floods in the reader’s mind.” poet, Khalid Ahmed Tyagi said that the youth are wasting their precious time and money by using mobile phones and they are not concentrating on studies and exams.

He encouraged the youth to read immense books, novels and poetic verses that will teach them the dynamic ways of speaking and attitudes. Reading study material on smartphones resulted in poor understanding and comprehension among the readers as compared to reading the books.

Managing Director of the National Book Foundation, Dr Raja Mazhar Hameed, said the foundation provides more conducive and enriched supportive academic environment to the writers who either write for children, school and college students or at university level.

He said, “Our moderate prices of textbooks and general books never affect our publication.” A shopkeeper selling the books at a stall in Saddar Rawalpindi said that people show less interest in buying books from stalls compared to the past. Before the rise of cell phones, he sold nearly 400 books on weekends, but now readers buy about 40 books.

Reading books would give readers massive knowledge to compete in the world and also learn ways of speaking and attitudes. Intellectuals always considered books as one of their friends in solitude and a room without books was a body without a soul.

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