Modern Warfare 2 players beg for CoD Mobile feature that would make building loadouts easy

Modern Warfare 2 players beg for CoD Mobile feature that would make building loadouts easy

CoD Mobile has an incredibly useful loading feature that Modern Warfare 2 players have been clamoring for and feel a $70 CoD game should have.

It is well known that mobile versions of the same game are developed by a different company, and as such have a bit more leeway in how they can be created and managed. Call of Duty Mobile is managed by TiMi Studio Group, while Modern Warfare 2 is developed and maintained by Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Toys For Bob, and more.

Apex Legends fans have complained that the mobile version of the game has better settings and features that could make the console and PC versions better – such as Solos coming to mobile first.

Now, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players believe that CoD Mobile not only has an excellent individual gameplay change, but they want it to be implemented in Modern Warfare 2.

In MW2, there are simply tons of attachments for every gun in the game, with many of them equipped with a host of positive and negative effects on the gun. They can change the gun’s damage range, accuracy, rate of fire, and recoil.

Players were able to test their guns a little better in Modern Warfare 2 thanks to the addition of the Fire Range, but CoD Mobile allows players to see the visual effects of the changes made.

“It’s sad that a free mobile COD has this but the premium $70 COD doesn’t,” Reddit user blazeryan11 said in a MW2 post while sharing a photo of COD Mobile’s weapon comparison system.

As it says on the tin, the option allows the player to do a statistical comparison of two of their weapon loadouts, and not only does it provide information about the gun’s individual stats, but it also shows the damage multiplier applied to each limb to apply.

“Not at all! Is this for real? It’s like an in-game Xclusive ace breakdown. Why isn’t this in the game?” asked one confused player, and another added: “This is such a slap in the face. No love for players. I have to give up on CoD forever. Such a ridiculous franchise…”

Love for CoD Mobile’s range of fire was also high with players believing it to be “better” due to the depth it has: “The range of fire in COD Mobile allows you to practice damage ranges, spawn into enemy bots, it’s insane,” one player said.

This level of detail and data could go a long way in helping players and content creators when it comes to Modern Warfare 2, but it will be up to the developers to decide whether or not they want to expand MW2’s stat tracking in the future.

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Image credit: Activision

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