PUBG Mobile 2.4 APK: Expected release date, features and other details

PUBG Mobile 2.4 APK: Expected release date, features and other details

PUBG Mobile have good news for games enthusiasts. The company has finally announced the launch date for the upcoming PUBG mobile version. Players will see the launch happening in the first week of January.
As on the release date, players will be able to access the new APK update two days after launch. If the game developers happen to keep track of the pattern based on the earlier patches for PUBG Mobile, they will probably update the APK link on the official website between January 6th and 8th.

Will the game launch in India?
Players based in India should note that the update is not meant for BGMI as that game is banned in India. Players will therefore have to wait for Krafton’s official announcement on when the ban from the game will be lifted. Users are suggested to avoid rumors or leaks on Battlegrounds Mobile India.
Although the developers have only confirmed the release date, one can expect the arrival of many features from the 2.4 beta update, which was launched earlier this month.
PUBG APK 2.4 Release Date
Based on the announcement from the company’s social media accounts, the 2.4 APK version is scheduled to be rolled out on January 6, 2023. As of now, the developers have confirmed the release date of the version, players can expect the full deployment features of the 2.4 beta update, which the company launched earlier this month.
The aforementioned features are integrated in the beta version and it is not yet confirmed whether they will be rolled out with the final version. So Pubg players have to wait for the early patch notes of the 2.4 update for the official announcement.
Here’s what’s still to come
Apart from the features coming from the beta update, the developers have also confirmed the release of Cycle 4 Season 10, the new ranked Season. It is said to go live according to its designated schedule. Players will get access to the C4S10 in the second half of January, after the conclusion of Cycle 3 Season 9.
Mentioned below are the features that are likely to arrive in the PUBG mobile 2.4 APK final version:

Classic Battle Royale

  • Back For Honor – The new feature will allow players to be recalled after elimination during a match and challenge their eliminator for a revenge mission.
  • The addition of a Grappling Hook.
  • Martial Arts Arena – This is a brand new limited time in-game area.
  • A new two-seater Dancing Lion vehicle will be introduced that can be stored in their backpack and carried throughout the match.

Subway Royale

  • A new map will be launched
  • Zip lines and stairs will be added
  • A new NPC enemies and bosses for PvE experience will be introduced.
  • Arrival of four fresh, sellable items in the upcoming map: biological sample, processor (GPU), lens and gold stacks.
  • The availability of improved resistance for the advanced armor against the damage of explosive attacks.
  • A significant upgrade to the basic inventory capacity (capacity will now be 30).

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