T-Mobile Provides Best 5G Experience in the US But Verizon Leads in Reliability [Report]

T-Mobile Provides Best 5G Experience in the US But Verizon Leads in Reliability [Report]

T-Mobile continues to offer the best 5G experience in the United States, according to a new report from RootMetrics. The company’s second half of 2022 test was conducted across the entire US, each of the 50 states and 125 of the nation’s most populous metropolitan markets.

To determine the 5G leaders, we looked at the total number of markets in which each carrier delivered the highest 5G availability, the fastest 5G download speed across three key measures in the same city (5th percentile, median and 95th percentile speed), as well as the highest 5G data reliability success rates for both getting connected and staying in the same city.

The carrier with the highest market score in each category is the leader, and the carrier with the best combination of 5G availability plus performance earns the “Best 5G” award.

Here’s an overview of their test results for availability, speed, reliability and best 5G experience…

T-Mobile maintains its 5G availability lead: T-Mobile’s 5G availability remained outstanding. The carrier received the award for delivering the highest 5G availability in the US for the fourth consecutive test period. T-Mobile improved on its already extensive 5G availability in 65 markets since 1H 2022, and T-Mobile delivered the highest 5G availability in 101 markets (up from 100 in 1H 2022), far exceeding the scores of any AT&T (36) ) or Verizon (4).

T-Mobile Gets Faster and Continues to Lead for 5G Speeds: T-Mobile’s 5G median download speed has increased in 105 out of 125 markets since 1H 2022, helping the carrier retain bragging rights for the fastest 5G – to provide download speed from any service provider. T-Mobile clocked the fastest 5th percentile, median and 95th percentile 5G download speeds in 68 markets, a score well ahead of the competition, with Verizon delivering the fastest 5G speeds across all three metrics in five markets and AT&T in zero . It’s worth noting that with both AT&T and Verizon continuing their C-Band rollout, we could see increased competition in the 5G speed category going forward.

Verizon Earns Fourth Consecutive 5G Reliability Award: Verizon remained the standard bearer for 5G data reliability, providing users with the most reliable 5G experience in the US for the fourth consecutive test period. Verizon delivered the best 5G data reliability in an impressive 95 markets, matching its tally from 1H 2022, and leading in more markets than AT&T (58) and T-Mobile (19) combined. For users who place a premium on excellent 5G reliability, Verizon is worth a look, as its 5G reliability results have remained second to none.

Best 5G experience
T-Mobile’s top combination of 5G availability plus performance leads to its third consecutive Best 5G award: Picking up where it left off in the first half of 2022, T-Mobile has an unmatched combination of 5G availability and speed delivered in 2H 2022, while also offering the best 5G data reliability in 19 markets (down from 27 last time). While T-Mobile’s 5G data reliability results trailed those of AT&T and especially Verizon, T-Mobile had a huge lead over the competition for both 5G availability and speed, allowing T-Mobile to best offering 5G experience for the third consecutive test period. With both AT&T and Verizon investing heavily in their own midband solutions in recent years, T-Mobile could face stiffer competition.

Notably, the RootMetric report ties in with OpenSignal’s January 2023 5G Experience Report, which saw T-Mobile win both the 5G Download Speed ​​and 5G Upload Speed ​​awards for the seventh consecutive time.

If you’re interested in trying out T-Mobile, the company is currently offering a free three-month trial of its mobile 5G service.

T-Mobile has also been rapidly expanding its 5G home internet service. The company ended 2022 with 2.6 million high-speed Internet customers.

You can check here whether your home qualifies for T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. Or also try Verizon’s 5G Home Internet.

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