The 10 Best Mobile Games of 2022

The 10 Best Mobile Games of 2022

In 2022, we dropped a lot of new and interesting games on mobile devices, but what were the 10 best mobile games of 2022? The addition of games to our phones has improved our gaming experience because rather than simply being able to call, text and email, we can now bring some of our favorite games with us everywhere. There are also many games available on mobile including mobile versions of PUBG, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, diablo, and much more. Keep reading to know more about the 10 best mobile games of 2022.

10. Grand Mountain Adventure

The 10 Best Mobile Games of 2022

Screenshot via Level Winner

This is easily one of the best racing games out there. Most mobile racing games are single-player games with a set “story” where you make your way through a series of maps and challenges. But Big Mountain Adventure brings something new to the table with solo play time trials along with multiplayer challenges. Eventually, Big Mountain Adventure is one of the better racing games as there is no predetermined storyline that you have to follow as you make your way through the game. You can play at your own pace, and in the order you want.

9. Angry Birds

The best 10 mobile games of 2022

Screenshot via Game Informer

Angry birds is a bit of a classic at this point. It’s been around almost as long as this generation of mobile games, and it’s likely that you’ve come across it at least once or twice in your life. The idea is simple: there are birds that you shoot at evil pigs to defeat them. Learning each of the birds’ powers and defeating the evil pigs can be a fun time for anyone!

8. Temple Run

The best 10 mobile games of 2022

Screenshot via ApkGK

Temple Run is another one of those OG mobile games that you’ve probably come across a few times like Angry birds. It’s been around almost as long as smartphone gaming has. This is an endless runner style game where you have to get to the end of a temple. All the while you are being chased by a large, lurking creature. You can ideally run for as long as possible and collect upgrades and coins along the way. Since there’s no real storyline behind this game, it’s a great game to pick up for a few minutes and put back down when you’re in the mood for a quick game.

7. Fortnite

The best 10 mobile games of 2022

Screenshot via Gamer Tweak

We all know that Fortnite is one of the world’s leading PC and console games, but did you know that? Fortnite is now also available on mobile devices? It would be silly to think that the game would be less popular on mobile devices. In Fortnite mobile, you can do the same things you can on a console and enjoy the same game, but on the road!

6. Mario Kart Tour

Screenshot via Autoblog

Mario Kart has been around for quite some time, and it’s obviously a favorite for many players. But now, we have Mario Kart Touran on-the-go version of Mario Kart. In addition to the game we’ve all played and loved for years, this new mobile version introduces a loot box system along with multiplayer capabilities, making it one of the 10 best mobile games of 2022.

5. Pokemon GO!

The 10 Best Mobile Games of 2022

Screenshot via The Daily SPUF

As we all know, Pokémon has been around for years, but with the mobile version, Pokémon GO!, we have new opportunities in games that were never possible before. Now we can venture through the real world in search of Pokemon to train, catch, hatch and even battle, while getting some serious exercise and taking over gyms in our own hometowns.

4. Call of Duty: Mobile

The 10 Best Mobile Games of 2022

Screenshot via PCQuest

The famous PC game series is finally now available on mobile in the form of Call of Duty: Mobile. Now you can enjoy this classic PC shooter on your mobile wherever you are without worrying about booting up your PC to play. With as high a following as Call of Duty has, it is no surprise that Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the 10 best mobile games of 2022.

3. To the moon

Screenshot via Game Informer

To the moon is not there in downloads with games like Fortnite or Call of Duty: Mobile, but this game has a strong story to tell, and it does a fantastic job of it. The story behind this heartwarming game is one that involves doctors giving their dying patients the opportunity of a lifetime to visit the moon and check one more thing off their bucket list. You can follow the doctors’ stories as they do their best to change their patient’s memories and let them die happily.

2. Civilization VI

The 10 Best Mobile Games of 2022

Screenshot via VentureBeat

Civilization VI is one of my personal favorites. In the game, you can play as a ruler of a specific country, where you will build a civilization and become either allies or enemies with surrounding countries. Over time, you will develop your nation and make critical decisions along the way. The game becomes a bit more interesting when barbarians and other neighboring countries engage in wars with you, where you will have to build up your army to take over the world and dominate with your civilization.

1. Among us

Screenshot via Sportskeeda

Between us is easily the best and most popular mobile game of 2022. It is a unique game, which has made it so popular in such a short time after its official launch. In this game, you either play as an innocent character or a trickster, and play against each other in a battle of deception. The cheaters must kill all the innocent players without getting caught, while the innocent players must try to wipe out the cheaters to win.


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These are the 10 best mobile games of 2022. Check back for more useful and interesting articles, and as always, be safe and enjoy!

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