Wattbike Launches Hub+ Mobile-Friendly Workout Builder

Wattbike Launches Hub+ Mobile-Friendly Workout Builder

Wattbike has launched its next-generation Hub+, a subscription version of its indoor training program that offers workout customization, deeper integration with third-party apps and exclusive training content.

Wattbike Hub+ subscribers can personalize their progress with its mobile-friendly workout builder, and workouts can be shared and exported to Zwift and other third-party training apps. It is also possible to export workouts created in Hub+ to a cycling computer, enabling indoor training outdoors.

Exclusive training content will also be available to Hub+ subscribers for all riders and fitness enthusiasts.

Duncan Bradley, chief product and brand officer at Wattbike, said: “We know our customers are intrinsically motivated to achieve their fitness goals. Performance is personal, whether it’s professional performance, fitness goals, looking after mental health, or rebuilding post-injury strength With the introduction of Hub+, we’re helping our customers achieve those goals with more control over their training.”

Andy McCorkell, Wattbike’s Head of Product, said: “The new tools Hub+ gives our users are what they’ve been asking for and more. Wattbike has proven once again that we are the one to beat when it comes to the most user-friendly yet powerful indoor training solutions, and this is only the beginning of the exciting developments we are working on for our new subscription model.”

The Wattbike Hub+ app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and exclusive to Wattbike users. For more product information, go here.

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Wattbike is the original indoor smart bike innovator, offering the most accurate and reliable training tools used by champions, athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Wattbike’s mission is to help improve the health and performance of every athlete in the world – That’s why Wattbike is chosen by both the world’s top sports teams such as the All Blacks, as well as thousands of everyday athletes at home.

Wattbike was born over 20 years ago with one goal – to create the ultimate indoor exercise bike. No other indoor trainer measures every pedal stroke and revolution so precisely, providing instant insights to get the most out of every workout. Expertly manufactured and designed in the UK, Wattbikes are tough enough to withstand the intense training of elite athletes, while being beautiful enough to sit in the homes of everyday athletes too.

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