7 effective ways to magnify your social media presence

7 effective ways to magnify your social media presence

There is a difference between a thriving social media presence and just being there. For the past few years, social media has been all the rage. Any identity that owns a phone or a computer these days has their social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are highly active networks. Everyone wants to be in on the action when it comes to social media. Nevertheless, it is not only meant to connect with friends and family. Social media is also thriving as a marketplace for start-ups as well as large-scale businesses.

Being a social entrepreneur myself and a maestro in the marketing niche, I now have a good idea about the strategies to be applied in various situations.

Considering today’s business environment which is highly competitive. To attract and retain an audience, companies invest heavily in their social media presence.

Here the question that comes to your mind should be this

What is social media presence?

Well, social media presence is the bare face that a brand has on numerous social media sites. It is the interrelation that an entity has with its community.

The stronger your presence, the more trust you gain from your audience. In my experience over the years, I believe that in order to get positive results, it is important to develop a large following and learn how to provide them with what they really want. Instead of posting randomly, look for these specific ways that have also come in handy for my Instagram to improve social media presence.

Show authenticity; humanity

In this modern era of transparency, no audience or potential customer wants to feel like they are interacting with a programmed robot or a faceless corporation with numerical personality. What they really want is to speak to a brand that is more human and authentic. In my opinion, one way to do this is by talking to your followers as if they were friends. Respond to their posts and reply to their inquiries. You can engage with them by talking about the brand’s history. Posting some photos with real customers and employees will also help the audience connect with the brand.

Identify the target audience

There are millions of social media users, but not all of them are your audience. As a business, you must have a specific target audience to which you must give your full attention. Creating custom content for them is more likely to grab their attention. I feel that you will be able to attract more and better followers when you understand the audience’s needs and what they relate to. This will drive more traffic to your page that can convert into potential customers.

Set clear social media goals and objectives

It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you start posting. Set goals that are specific, achievable and relevant. This will give purpose to every post you upload.

Be consistent

When it comes to retaining followers, consistency is key. Being consistent will help you gain followers and encourage them to engage with the posts. One tried-and-true way to be consistent in your posts is by creating a social media posting calendar. This way you can pre-plan your content that is seasonal or festive. This will help you avoid repetition and last-minute content creation.

Produce high quality content

Being consistent at a comfortable rate will allow you to create high quality and valuable content. If you produce quality content, the right audience will be attracted. With neck-to-neck competition everywhere, your audience will only stay if you give them high-quality content. It will also improve the position of your page or site on Google search results.

Work on visulas

No matter what you post, videos and images always leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. Watching short videos and images makes it effortless for people to connect and engage. If you are not sure about what to post next, go for pictures and videos.

Aim for customer satisfaction more than gaining followers

Getting more followers shouldn’t be your only goal.

Focus on selling less and offering more. The audience needs to feel that their satisfaction matters more to you than their money. You are more likely to earn loyal customers if you offer solutions. Social media is your locus to communicate with your customers. It is always beneficial to have highly engaging followers than to have followers who do not even interact with you. This way you will increase your engagement on social media.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to improving your social media presence. Therefore, these small methods and strategies will help you improve engagement on your profile. Hiring a professional social media marketing agency as a high volume will not only help you overcome the above barriers but also guide you to solidify your business in this current competitive market.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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