Bow Wow And Da Brat In Social Media Battle Over Jermaine Dupri’s Claim He Created ‘106 & Park’ Concept

Bow Wow And Da Brat In Social Media Battle Over Jermaine Dupri’s Claim He Created ‘106 & Park’ Concept

Jermaine Dupri claims he was the creative genius behind BET’s 106 & Parkand it caused a war of words between Bow Wow and Da Brat.

Dupri was recently a guest on The GAUDS Show hosted by Ray Daniels, where he revealed how the idea of 106 & Park came into being. In a video clip of the interview, he said this while watching MTV’s hit show Total request live, a light bulb went off. The So So Def producer gives credit for creating the 106 & Park concept and push BET to make it happen.

106 & Park was created by me. I created the show for Bow Wow. I watched MTV, and MTV did TRL, and they catered to N’Sync, and they catered to Backstreet Boys and anything white that came out that was pop. … I’m like ‘yeah, we got nothing for black people like that,’” he said The GAUDS Show.

Additionally, he said he got the idea to do a similar show for urban artists because TRL didn’t invite certain rap artists at the time.

He continued: “They didn’t go put Bow Wow on TRL so, because he was a rapper. He was a Black little young boy rapping, but he was also 12 years old. Nobody on TV was somewhere around 12 years old creating this type of pandemonium, right? I went to Stephen Hill, and I’m like, ‘Yo, we need this show. … We need a show on BET that shows black artists like this.’”

When Bow Wow got the excerpt and what the record executive said, he responded on Twitter, calling Dupri a liar for having a different take on the show’s origins that helped him gain exposure early in his career.

“JD does not create 106&Park stops the cap. Stephen hill Rick Ghrimes and all the wonderful people in the BET OFFICE and staff created that show. All I did was capitalize on what they created and made it mine. I would know…. I’m Mr. 106! I will never take away anyone’s creativity,” the 35-year-old tweeted.

Stephen Hill, the BET executive Dupri mentions in the clip, agreed and agreed with the “Let Me Hold You” rapper that the songwriter did not suggest the show.

On the opposite side, the Like Mike actor’s tweet didn’t sit well with his former So So Def labelmate Da Brat, who posted a statement on Instagram calling out Bow Wow for what he said about his former mentor with the caption:

“@shadmoss You are really BULLSHIT now. Now you KNOW I have ALL the receipts and know the WHOLE stories to VERY VERY VERY VERY LOT! Don’t do this. Respect a legend. Respect a cultural icon. Respect the person who made you made career what it is. I’m asking you now to please stop. I’m sorry @jermainedupri I can’t shut up about this shit anymore..”

Bow Wow followed up with a subliminal response on Twitter.

But he made it clear he would never beef with Da Brat in a pair of responses to fans on Twitter. He even shared that they cleared everything on the phone, so they’re good for now.

Dupri did not respond to Bow Wow and Stephen Hill’s rebuttals to his claims.

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