“B*tch, I Am a Loser”: Erin Andrews Reveals How She Keeps Herself Going Amidst All The Social Media Negativity

“B*tch, I Am a Loser”: Erin Andrews Reveals How She Keeps Herself Going Amidst All The Social Media Negativity

Erin Andrews is a name to reckon with in the broadcasting arena. For years, Erin has been bringing the best sideline content that makes the viewing experience even better.

The sideline interviews, the brutal banter, the emotional meltdowns after the end of the game, Erin saw it all and was very meticulous in her work which really makes her one of the best in the business.

After starting out as a sports reporter, Erin has covered almost everything working in the sports arena. From NBA, NHL to MLB and NFL, she has done it all and is in no mood to slow down.

In addition to all the great stuff she brings to viewers from the sidelines, Erin also makes regular appearances on her podcast, “Chill with Erin & Charissa.”

Charissa Thompson and Erin are good friends and share the same passion that allows the fans to get to know some really crazy things.

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Erin Andrews claims that she has never felt like quitting her job

Not long ago, Erin even apologized on her podcast for two strands of cheek hair that were clearly visible while doing sideline interviews during a Cowboys game.

To be sure, not many fans would have noticed them during the broadcast, but her apology really made the world aware of the incident. Recently, Erin appeared on her podcast for a short segment where she answered some fan questions. When a fan asked her and Charissa if they ever considered quitting what they were doing, the two stars had some very interesting answers in store.

Charissa claimed that although she never felt like quitting her job, the constant trolling she is subjected to online really infuriates her. Erin also chimed in, claiming that especially the trolls who “father, religious and lover of God,” in their bio are the ones that really frustrate her.

Erin further claimed that she has never felt like quitting her job, but she gets frustrated about different things. “However, I’m lucky to have good girlfriends in the industry where I just call b*tch and say I’m sorry I need to be more positive.”

Indeed, in the age of social media, it can sometimes get very difficult when the trolls just won’t stop. However, the key is to stay positive and keep pushing, which is exactly what Erin does.

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