“If You Lurk, You’re Gonna Get Hurt”: Klay Thompson Admits Taking to Books Over 15 Million+ Social Media Followers Helped his Game

“If You Lurk, You’re Gonna Get Hurt”: Klay Thompson Admits Taking to Books Over 15 Million+ Social Media Followers Helped his Game

Klay Thompson turned in one of his best performances of the season so far, scoring 34 points to lead the Golden State Warriors in this Finals against the visiting Boston Celtics. It was an all-out effort from Steve Kerr and crew, who were in cruise control for most of the 48 minutes.

In what has been a pretty rough season for Klay, a win against the top-seeded Celtics will certainly serve as a confidence booster for the Warriors veteran.

Currently 14-13, it’s been an inconsistent start to the season for the defending champions.

Taking criticism of late for his performances on the hardwood, Klay revealed how taking a break from social media has made all the difference, adding how books have helped his mental health.

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A former avid user of social media, Klay now limits his time spent on the internet after finding other healthier alternatives.

Klay Thompson admits staying off social media has made a difference to his game.

It was a great night for Dub Nation, who got the W in the highly anticipated Finals rematch against the Celtics. With a game-high 34 points, Klay beamed with joy as he spoke to the media. When asked if taking a backseat to social media has helped his game, the five-time All-Star had the following to say.

“Yeah, I think so, because if you peek, you’re going to get hurt,” said the four-time champion.

“The internet is so big that you can find whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s positivity or negativity, and I wasn’t at my best a few weeks ago and probably a lot of opinions online reflected that, and we’re all people, so it never feels great to read negative things about yourself, so I try to fill my time with books and things that are much more beneficial to my mental health.”

Nevertheless, the 32-year-old was quick to clarify that he doesn’t disdain social media and enjoys scrolling through Instagram on occasion.

Klay Thompson expresses his excitement about the Warriors’ upcoming road trip via a paper airplane.

One of the most fun-loving NBA players, Klay is as casual as can be, the most recent example being his post-game interaction. When asked about the upcoming 4-game road trip, the 6ft 6″ guard busied himself making a paper airplane instead.

Klay admitted that he was excited for the upcoming road games, as he visited the said cities after almost 4 years due to his back-to-back catastrophic injuries.

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