Merry Christmas 2022: Greetings from Shipyards on Social Media

Merry Christmas 2022: Greetings from Shipyards on Social Media

60m T60 Sold by Baglietto

Baglietto has announced that it has placed the first order for a 60 m yacht, hull no. 10260. The project of the T60, penciled by Francesco Paszkowski Design, was presented at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022 just 3 months ago. The interiors were made by Francesco Paszkowski Design in collaboration with Margherita Casprini. “It is difficult to hide the great sense of pride we feel in securing this sale,” says Fabio Ermetto, Baglietto CCO. “Not only because it comes just 3 months after the project was launched to the public and as the culmination of an extraordinary year, but above all because it confirms the appropriateness of the creative choices pursued by the shipyard together with designer Francesco Paszkowski . This model, I believe, has all the features that the market is looking for today, but it also opens new horizons for the recreational boat industry by implementing highly innovative, unprecedented solutions on board. Indeed, the T60 radically changes the concept of life at sea, overturning long-established rules that juxtapose sea and land, inside and outside, formal and informal, day areas and night areas.” T60 is 60 meters long and weighs approximately 1,000 GT, she has the soft outlines, a touch and go helipad at the bow. Inside, she has floor-to-ceiling windows from both the main salon and the upper deck that fully open and, once fully concealed, create highly versatile and interior environments that constantly change to harmonize with the surrounding landscape. The beach area, the main saloon and the dining area are indeed conceived as one single free-flowing space: a 60 sq. m beach lounge with a swimming pool, a conversation area and a gym welcomes guests on board and leads them to the salon, which can be completely opened thanks to an elegant staircase, resulting in a space of almost 100 sq m on two levels has. The dining room, in turn, is equipped with a glazed surface that can be fully opened to create an extraordinary living area on the water, where guests can enjoy both day and night. The master cabin is located on the upper deck. . Guests will find accommodation in four – two VIP and two guest cabins located on the main deck and a fifth guest cabin on the lower deck, which also houses a massage room. The T60 is equipped with two CAT 3512 ACERT engines that will push her. up to a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots. Hull #10260 is scheduled for delivery in 2026. “Numbers alone cannot always convey the efforts and dedication from which they originate,” adds Diego Michele Deprati, Baglietto’s CEO. “However, this time I think it is fair to highlight what Baglietto was able to achieve in 2022, a year best represented by the sale of this T60: 9 yachts between 41m and 60m long sold, 22 boats under construction , 3 new models delivered, 3 new sales offices opened around the world, €13 million invested in the La Spezia and Carrara facilities, and the launch of Bertram’s European division, with the sale of the first unit. Behind all this is a whole organization, but first and foremost the passion and pride of so many people is involved. The T60 begins a new chapter in the Seagull brand’s extraordinary history, and marks the beginning of a new era.” Baglietto Spa is an Italian boat builder based in La Spezia specializing in new aluminum light alloy yachts ranging between 35m and 50m in length and steel and light aluminum alloy displacement megayachts starting at 40m.Credits: Baglietto

December 22, 2022

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