Security Tips for Social Media Accounts

Security Tips for Social Media Accounts

Security tips for social media accounts
Security tips for social media accounts

Social media platforms are getting bigger and bigger. According to Statista data, the number of social media users is expected to reach 6 billion in 2027. This situation brings account security to the agenda on social media platforms where millions of people spend their time worldwide. Mustafa Tatar, founder of BYG Digital, shared important information about the security of social media accounts.

“Social media is a very complicated structure”

Mustafa Tatar, founder of BYG Digital, pointed out that around 50 percent of the world’s population is involved in social media, which has become part of the social fabric. Pointing out that social media has risen to an indispensable position in daily life, he said: “Social media is now a news source, the most popular way to communicate and communicate with friends. Even in our daily communication with us family members, we now use groups on social media. We shop on social media, review consumer reviews and enjoy ourselves. So we are talking about a very complex structure. The number of activities and applications that can be carried out on networks of this nature, is increasing.”

“There is a big cyber war in the background”

Tatar said the following: “In recent years, cases of hacking of social media accounts have increased a lot. Maybe we use our social media accounts without any problems; but there is a massive cyber warfare going on in the background. On the one hand platforms and on the other cyber security experts fight against cyber attackers. User errors strengthen the hand of cyber attackers and they can prevail in this war. The most important reasons for this are; These are factors such as using incorrect passwords, clicking on unfamiliar links, or not securing devices with social media accounts open.”

“Never open links from DM”

Mustafa Tatar, founder of BYG Digital, who has made several suggestions on social media account security, said: “The most basic security measures are; Do not use third-party applications for your social media accounts. Don’t have the same passwords for your social media accounts; use different, unique and strong passwords for each account. Special attention should be paid to phishing messages. Do not click on any link that comes as a direct message on social media that you do not trust. Priority Security Rule on Instagram; Never open links from DM. These links may contain malware that gains full access to files on the device. Even if you click, do not provide the requested information in the link that opens. For example; Instagram never sends direct messages; If you enter your information by clicking on the links that come with the message as if it were sent on Instagram, it means that your account is in the hands of others.”

Mustafa Tatar listed his other suggestions for safe use of social media as follows; “Making your profile and posts public only to friends on social media platforms will help protect privacy. Friendly requests from accounts that are not known at all or that are considered fake accounts can pose a cybercrime risk. In addition, promises of getting rich in a short time or requests for emotional relationships can come from social media platforms. It often comes from fake accounts. After gaining your trust, they may ask for money or your personal information. Such messages should not be trusted. Apart from this, using security software for social media accounts will increase security.”

“We need to make social media safe for children”

Mustafa Tatar listed other suggestions as follows: “Block suspicious accounts and those who make abnormal comments. Report suspicious and inappropriate content and accounts, people offering money and gifts to the platform. Also: ‘Did you see the complaints about him, weren’t you ashamed to do so?’ Messages like this are for outright fraud and stealing your account. Don’t trust them!”

Tatar said: “One of the most important methods to strengthen account security is the two-factor authentication system. Platforms offer this feature. In other words, it is important to activate the authentication by email, phone or an application when you’re signed in on another device. With this verification, it means confirming that you’re the owner of the account so you can reopen the account when the account is hacked. Tatar said, “We also need social media for making kids safe.” So parents can set daily time limits, see who their kids are following and get information from their posts.

Mustafa Tatar noted that BYG Digital provides professional services in the field of cyber security. He also added that they offer support in many areas, from recovering stolen social media accounts to secure social media management services.

The social media ecosystem is growing

The number of users of social media platforms is increasing day by day. According to Statista data, there are 4.6 billion social media users worldwide as of 2022. In 2027, this figure is expected to reach 6 billion. The number of users of Facebook, the most popular social media platform, has reached 3 billion. With 2.5 billion users in pursuit of Facebook Youtube is located. WhatsApp is in the third place with two billion users, while the number of users of Instagram is recorded as around 1.5 billion. The number of users in TikTok, which has become more and more widespread, has reached 1 billion. Globally, people spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on social media platforms, according to statistics from We Are Social. In Turkey, this reached an average of 3 hours.

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