Social media Saira Sattani becomes Women Wing’s Maharashtra Vice President of Abhijeet Rane’s Dhadak Kamgar Union

Social media Saira Sattani becomes Women Wing’s Maharashtra Vice President of Abhijeet Rane’s Dhadak Kamgar Union

Mumbai, December 10: Famous social media star Saira Sattani has become an important member of Dhadak Kamgar Union on November 8, 2022. She was appointed as the Maharashtra vice-president of the Women’s Wing of Dhadak Kamgar Union under the chairmanship of the union’s general secretary, Abhijeet Rane.

Blue collar workers endure a lot of injustice in the corporate world, but not many people care and fight for them. Abhijeet Rane is a pioneer in redressing grievances for blue-collar workers, also known as manual labourers. He has always been at the forefront of the war against the exploitation of these laborers by being the founder and general secretary of the Dhadak Kamgar Union.

Abhijeet Rane launched the union several years ago as a crusade against injustice, exploitation and malpractice in business, industrial and labor oriented organizations. He is also a successful businessman, apart from being a rising star in Marathi journalism, who strives to solve the problems of blue-collar workers with the power of the pen.

Saira Sattani, a famous Youtuber, content creator and TikTok star, is known through social media since last 2016. But her biggest role is being a loving mother to two sons and two daughters, who mean the world to her. Saira also has a network of various businesses such as property investment and stock market.

The availability of food has become a major problem during the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic. In such a difficult time, Saira extended a helping hand to Bengali workers trapped in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area by providing food, ration and money by making available to them just one follower’s message.

Abhijeet Rane has been dating Saira Sattani for just a few days. But he is far-sighted and has a deep understanding of people who are dedicated to their work as well as serving the society. This is what led to the appointment of Saira Sattani as Maharashtra Vice President of the Women’s Wing of Dhadak Kamgar Union, an important position that carries a lot of responsibility.

Welcoming the joining of Saira Sattani to the Dhadak Kamgar Union as well as her appointment, Abhijeet Rane said, “I only knew her for a few days. I got to know her only after my birthday, which was on. I saw her efforts to do something for society and the seriousness she has towards her work. So I am confident that she will definitely do something for society through this new responsibility.”

In these modern times, social media plays a key role in the growth of any business or organization. The joining of Saira Sattani is expected to help the Dhadak Kamgar Union to grow significantly. This would further help Abhijeet Rane to alleviate the pain of blue collar workers for whom he founded the union.

On her part, Saira Sattani is grateful to Abhijeet Rane, through whom she had the privilege of joining the Dhadak Kamgar Union. She appreciates her appointment as Maharashtra Vice President of the Women’s Wing of the union and has already committed to take the union forward through her sincere efforts and honesty.

Expressing her gratitude towards Abhijit Rane, Saira Sattani said, “This is for the first time that I am associated with any organization and it was possible only under the guidance of Hon labor leader Abhijit Rane sir. I will continue to work to promote the Dhadak. union through my hard work and honesty.”

The event had the presence of a number of dignitaries including Saira Pathan, Sania Khan, Neetu Borale, Kusum Nair, Shabnam Pathan, Razia Sheikh, Noori Khan, Naved Khan, Shamim Sheikh and Riyaz Celia. Website:

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