Social Studies: Pinpointing the harms of social media; reading vs. hearing; Lenin read a book on Marx

Social Studies: Pinpointing the harms of social media; reading vs. hearing; Lenin read a book on Marx

Guo, E., “Social Media and Teen Mental Health: Quasi-Experimental Evidence,” University of Toronto (November 2022).


A sociologist created video clips during which a white, a Latino, or a Black teenage boy actor engaged in disruptive and difficult conduct at school. Public faculty academics throughout the nation had been then randomly assigned to observe one of these movies. Although the conduct was equivalent, academics had been extra more likely to choose that the Black boy can be referred to the principal’s workplace. Teachers in predominantly minority faculties noticed all of the depicted college students as extra blameworthy for the similar conduct than academics in predominantly white faculties.

Owens, J., “Double Jeopardy: Teacher Biases, Racialized Organizations, and the Production of Racial / Ethnic Disparities in School Discipline,” American Sociological Review (forthcoming).

Read the information

In experiments, psychologists from the University of Chicago examined individuals’s capacity to suppose critically about semantic dichotomies (e.g., “How many animals of each kind did Moses take the Ark?”), verbal puzzles (e.g., “If you run a race ) and you succeed the person in the second place, in which place are you?”), or syllogisms (e.g. “All living things need water. Roses need water. That’s why roses are living things.”). essential considering was higher once they read these sentences than once they heard them.This discovering was in each America and China, and even when the written info was offered in such a method that folks couldn’t reread it.

Geipel, J. & Keysar, B., “Listening to our intuition while reading promotes analytical thinking,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (forthcoming).

Capitalized by Marx

While the subject of economics already discovered the concepts of Karl Marx flawed by the late nineteenth century, in the following century they had been resurrected in fields outdoors of economics. Why? According to a new examine in a prime economics journal, the “historical accident” of the Russian Revolution compelled Westerners to concentrate to Marx in an effort to know the geopolitical scenario, crowding out rival socialist thinkers of Marx’s period has. Indeed, after the revolution, citations of Marx’s work doubled or tripled relative to what can be anticipated primarily based on his share of pre-revolutionary citations.

Magness, P. & Makovi, M., “The Mainstreaming of Marx: Measuring the Effect of the Russian Revolution on Karl Marx’s Influence,” Journal of Political Economy (forthcoming).

State Police

Political scientists have discovered that murder charges are decrease in nations whose individuals have traditionally lived longer underneath authorities rule—regardless of whether or not this occurred in these nations themselves or in the ancestral nations of immigrants to these nations. It is one of the strongest predictors of modern murder charges, even after accounting for different geographic, climatic, demographic, and historic traits. Evidence means that a longer state historical past is related to higher assist for law-abiding conduct.

Gerring, J. & Knutsen, C., “Homicide and State History,” American Sociological Review (forthcoming).

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