Kerala startup Iluzia toying with the idea of virtual university

Kerala startup Iluzia toying with the idea of virtual university

Virtual reality will soon be the reality in the educational institutions in Kerala if the ambitious plans of Kozhikode-based Iluzia Lab are anything to go by. The Kozhikode Government CyberPark startup hopes to take learning to the next level with its newly developed learning and training models for educational institutions and the corporate sector using modern technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and Metaverse.

The company firmly believes that these innovative ideas will help simplify the learning and training process at school, college and university level. Noufal P, founder and CEO, Iluzia Lab tells line of business that they implemented the learning models in the Government Medical College, Kozhikode under the Prism project of the Central Government with an anatomy learning laboratory for medical students. Similarly, a virtual reality museum has been set up in the Government Higher Secondary School, Kozhikode.

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“Through this museum, students can experience things in a unique way. With the help of technology, we can also have a virtual approach to textbooks. A state syllabus textbook is now available in this format”, said Noufal, adding that the credit for the first AR and VR based interactive museum goes to Iluzia Lab.

By combining AI and machine learning, he said the startup is now looking at a new teaching concept to revolutionize the education sector. “By exploring the endless possibilities of Metaverse, we plan to build a virtual university where students can interact with faculty from global universities,” he added.

Vishnu GM, Chief Operating Officer said that classroom learning still follows the textbook methods in this technology driven era. However, the Covid lockdown has made the use of technology essential for conducting online classes. The virtual practical reality model introduced by the company takes on more significance, especially for the study of science subjects, including practical classes.

Noufal P, Founder and CEO, Iluzia Lab (centre) with Vishnu GM, Chief Operating Officer (R) and Muneer Babu K, Creative Director.

Noufal P, Founder and CEO, Iluzia Lab (centre) with Vishnu GM, Chief Operating Officer (R) and Muneer Babu K, Creative Director.

Extend reach

The company mainly focuses on B2B and B2C customers and intends to expand its reach to construction, tourism and healthcare sectors, where the potential of virtual reality is really great. Besides educational products, the company has also developed virtual reality management tools for Kerala Police Cyberdome, added Muneer Babu K, creative director.

Currently, educational institutions, universities and some private firms dominate the client list. However, there are plans to broaden the scope of the list by bringing more sectors into the domain of virtual reality. In addition, we have also collaborated with Saudi Arabia and the UAE educational sector and have also started working in Qatar, Noufal said.

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Noufal asked about plans to raise funds for future expansion; “Of course there is a need for investment to develop new concepts. We are open to taking virtual reality to the next level.”

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