PlayStation VR2: technical specifications, games, backwards compatibility, price and release. Complete guide

PlayStation VR2: technical specifications, games, backwards compatibility, price and release. Complete guide

We are a little over two weeks from the launch of Sony’s VR2 new virtual reality viewer designed specifically for PlayStation 5. In this complete guide you will be able to find everything related to technical specifications, games, backwards compatibility , detailing price and release.

With the upcoming launch, with discussions ongoing, we decided to make this comprehensive guide and answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Using Sony’s FAQ, we’ll clarify the difference between this VR viewer and the first generation. You will be able to reserve PlayStation VR2 at GameStop at these addresses.

PlayStation VR2 Technical Specifications.

This guide combines technical specifications of the new viewer to virtual reality. We will also describe what the new design of this device will be.

PlayStation VR2 has an OLED screen with an OLED resolution of 840,00024 pixels, a combined resolution of 420400-23,200 pixels per eye, with a variable refresh rate ranging from 90 to 120Hz, and therefore can play games up to 120fps play. This screen will also be supported.

The impact of motion sickness can be greatly reduced with a higher resuscitation rate. Motion sickness is very common in Italy, a rare neurological disorder that occurs rapidly in the common, usually associated with cars and other means of movement such as trains, ships and planes. The disorder is caused by a form of short circuit that flies to our brain, but only the body does not feel the effects of this movement (such as exertion, gravity, wind, etc.).

The field of view a given is 110, with the distance between optics adjustable at any price. This feature is very useful so that it tilts the game and adapts to many more users.

The viewer will integrate four camera-driven sensors to track the position of the screen. They will also offer two infrared cameras for eye tracking, one for each eye. This feature allows developer to design menus that are manageable just at a quick glance. The story will depend on the title and the choices made by the programmer.

To top it off, both headsets and dedicated controllers have haptic feedback and customizable triggers as well as DualSense controllers. This allows you to get an even greater sense of immersion than traditional computer controllers.

The VR2 powered game may differ from the PS4 headset.

The second generation PlayStation Virtual Reality headset was developed in the name of practicality and convenience, with as well as the quality of the results. The first generation headset was unique, but the leaps are very impressive.

There are four integrated cameras that replace the single external camera ready to mount the TV. The benefit of ease and comfort is clearly measurable. In addition, these four chambers allow you to see with more precision the movements of your head in the environment and at the same time activate the Transparent View mode. This mode allows you to interact with the world we live in and with those around us without the need to remove the viewer. In fact, the cameras will actually change the images of the surrounding environment, and even make the play area safe.

The controllers are the second novelty that immediately catches the eye. We say goodbye to the old PlayStation Move and make way for new controllers, whose design inspired the meta Quest and Valve Index of the game, but with the addition of the DualSense. In fact, both controllers will be equipped with haptic feedback and customizable triggers. There are also god sensors to detect the position and movement of the fingers.

Due to the ease and practicality of use, there is also farewell to cables and other devices necessary for the console and the TV connections. Just one USB Type-C cable is enough to connect the viewer to your PS5 (a 4.5m package is included). Even the visor itself has several adjustments that allow it to reach your head. This makes it easy to wear the viewer even with glasses in the right place. While adjusting the distance between the optics, you can only see what appears on the screen.

The second generation headset shows four times more resolutions for each eye. The transition between Full HD and 4K, while the viewing angle is sharpened to 110. The latest generation OLED screens guarantee optimal image quality.

PlayStation VR2 games list.

To best create PlayStation VR 2 in the best possible way, many games will be available from February 22, 2023. The games are expressly based on PlayStation 5 and PSVR2, and must be purchased in the digital store, except in the case of free upgrades. Almost all the games are distributed exclusively digitally, although in some cases boxed versions will be available as standard of the Gran Turismo 7 and will get an upgrade to VR.

There are 30 books available now or around launch.

After the fall, it was over for me that the year was over.

Altair Breaker

Your eyes are right, but what they say!

Cities VR

Common High

Creed Rise to Glory Championship Edition (finestra di lancio): 225 words long.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback (finestra di lancio)


Chrono-Chronia: Alternately Adapted Acetate – Chronos – Chronos.

Fantavision 202X

GTA 4 (free decorated for the version of PS5).

The top of the mountain is the Horizon Call.

Work Simulator

Jurassic World Aftermath.

The Kayaks VR: Mirage

Kizuna’s AI scares the beat!

The last Clockwinder hit the road with the most broken Clockwinder.

Light Brigade (includes both PS VR and PS VR2 versions)

Moss 1 e 2 Remaster.

Pro Era (the player’s payment for the game VR2): “Future fees for the game VR.”

No Man’s Sky (finestra di lancio)

Pavlov VR

Pistol whip

Puzzling Places, free free, aggiornamento.

I have my own scary living room.

Res Infinite

It’s a song in the smoke.

A STAR WARS novel, Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge.

Syth Riders (Free)

The story of Onogoro.


Tetris: Linked.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: Ch. 2: Honor for their crimes.

Vacation Simulator

What can the snake say?

Zenith: Aggiornamento gratuito.

But it’s still a bit like what could come in the coming months. Developers who have collaborated with PlayStation I am working on over 100 games coming to PlayStation VR2.

Backwards compatibility

If you want backwards compatibility between VR2 and PSVR, you have to start with a point whose answer is obvious. There is a lot of backwards compatibility between the games. Reasons are not easy. The control, display and tracking system is completely different and does not match the two versions.

After adding additional details, all your VR games will not be able to play on PS5, with the exception of upgraded or special versions for PS5 (free or paid). This might happen for some games.

Many of the popular PVR’s titles will be re-released and remade. For example, some like Tetris Effect, The Walking Dead Saints & Sinner, Moss and Pavlov VR will be re-released for the new second generation viewer.

Pricing and Availability.

The new version of TV will be available tomorrow, February 22, 2023, and is now ready to pre-order at GameStop and will have two option options. One of these is a bundle of a copy of the movie Horizon Call of the Mountain, a VR experience from the outlaw West. In both cases, the controller charging base is sold separately. Here are the shopping links:

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