Reza Brings High Jewelry Into the Digital Age

Reza Brings High Jewelry Into the Digital Age

A piece of fine jewelry or classic investment jewelry never is only an accessory—there is always a rich story behind it. In W’s series Rock Starswe delve into what makes past, present and future heirlooms so unique.

Would you ever buy a $5 million dollar necklace online? It’s an intriguing, and rather amusing, question to ruminate on—amusing because it’s fun to pretend I have an extra $5 million floating around, and intriguing because, well, would I? I already do so much of my shopping online. Should high jewelry be any different? Olivier Reza has made a bit of a name for himself by bringing high priced, luxury items to the world wide web. First at Sotheby’s, where he sat on their Board of Directors and was instrumental in establishing the auction house’s first forays into e-commerce, and now at his namesake brand, Reza.

The high jewelery house was founded in Paris in the 1950s by Olivier’s father, Alexandre Reza. Known for its unique and extraordinary designs, the house was located on the Place Vendôme until 2020, when Olivier took the reins and moved to New York. Olivier, who has degrees in law and finance, and a diverse career background, felt called to preserve the legacy of his father’s jewelry business while introducing a more contemporary outlook.

The modernization of Reza took two essential steps. First, the brand’s move from Place Vendôme to its current Madison Avenue atelier, a very rare move in the high jewelry world, was toasted with a chic party at NYC’s Public Hotel. Second, prioritize its “digital flagship”, Reza is the first among high jewelers to make their entire offering—priced from $9,000 to $5 million—available to buy directly online. For Reza, it’s about lifting the veil that seems to shroud the world of high jewelry. There is no need to make an appointment at the boutique or endure the scrutiny of a sales associate. Visitors to the site can try on jewelry using Reza’s exclusive virtual reality app.

This approachable philosophy can also be seen in Reza’s branding. The new campaign, which accompanied the launch of the website, has a fresh, fashionable feel, and was shot on models of a variety of races, ages, gender identities and professional backgrounds. Think more Sense by appointment only. And the jewelry, while truly beautiful, also feels extremely modern. Many of the designs were conceptualized by Olivier with gemstones from his father’s extensive collection recut to enhance their brilliance. These pieces are all available now at, along with a selection from the brand’s heritage collection.

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