THE Journal 2022 New Product Award Winners Announced — THE Journal

THE Journal 2022 New Product Award Winners Announced — THE Journal

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THE Journal 2022 New Product Award Winners Announced

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DALLAS, December 16, 2022 – Industry leading media brand THE Journal today announced the winners of its 2022 New Product Awards. THE Journal is dedicated to informing and educating K-12 senior-level district and school administrators, technologists and technology-savvy educators within districts, schools and classrooms to enhance and advance the learning process through the use of technology. The Education Group of 1105 Media, THE Journal‘s parent company, launched the award program in 2020 to recognize leading product and service providers in the education sector. As learning technology becomes increasingly important, the 2022 awards program has attracted our most impressive group of submissions to date.

The awards honor the outstanding product development achievements of manufacturers and suppliers whose products or services are considered particularly noteworthy in the transformation of education technology. This year, winners were honored in the following product award categories:

Accessibility and captioning tools
Anthology, Anthology Ally (Platinum)

Customizable/personalized learning tool
Adobe, Adobe Connect 12 (Platinum)
Discovery Education, Discovery Education K-12 Learning Platform (Platinum)

Augmented Reality software/system
McGraw Hill, McGraw Hill AR (Platinum)

Campus Safety Platform
Box light, attention! (Platinum)
Pikmykid, Pikmykid Emergency Reunion (Platinum)

Classroom audio distribution/sound enhancement
Lightspeed Technologies, Lightspeed Mobile PA (Platinum)
Boxlight, ezRoom Voice + Alert (Gold)

Curriculum/Lesson Planning Platform
PowerSchool, Unified Classroom Curriculum and Instruction (Platinum)

Classroom management, culture or student success system
Lenevo, LanSchool (Platinum)

Classroom Presentation Tool (Hardware)
BenQ, BenQ Board RP03 Series (Platinum)

Classroom Presentation Tool (Software)
Adobe, Adobe Connect 12 (Platinum)

Coding Tool/Curriculum
Codelicious, High School Computer Science Game Development (Platinum)

Collaboration tool
Logitech, Logitech Pen (Platinum)

Constituent relationship management system
Anthology, Anthology Reach (Platinum)

Convertible notebook/2-in-1 notebook
Logitech, Rugged Combo 4 Touch (Platinum)

Curriculum/Lesson Planning Platform
PowerSchool, Unified Classroom Curriculum and Instruction (Platinum)

Digital curriculum
IXL Learning, IXL Math (Platinum)

Emergency notification system
Singlewire Software, InformaCast Personal Compulsion Package (Platinum)

Formative assessment
Curriculum Associates, i-Ready (Platinum)

Interactive whiteboard, screen, flat panel or kiosk
BenQ, BenQ Board RP03 Series (Platinum)
Boxlight, MimeoPro 4 (Platinum)
Boxlight, IMPACT Max (Platinum)
Optoma Technology Optoma 5 Series Creative Touch Interactive Flat Panel Displays (Platinum)

Language learning program
IXL Learning, Rosetta Stone for Schools (Platinum)

Learning management systems and e-learning platforms
Anthology, Blackboard Learn Ultra (Platinum) Princeton Review, Learner Engagement Online (LEO) (Gold)

Mathematics Program
IXL Learning, IXL Math (Platinum)
Discovery Education, DoodleMaths (Gold)

Reading program
IXL Learning, IXL English Language Arts (Platinum)

Distance/Distance Learning Platform Princeton Review, Learner Engagement Online (LEO) (Platinum)

Science program
LEGO Education, LEGO Education SPIKE Essential (Platinum)
Discovery Education, Mystery Science (Gold)
Discovery Education, Pivot Interactives (Gold)

Security incident and event management
Pikmykid, Pikmykid Emergency Reunion (Platinum)

Social-emotional learning program
PowerSchool, Unified Insights MTSS (Platinum)

STEM curriculum
IXL Learning, IXL Math (Platinum)

STEM/STEAM program
Discovery Education, STEM Career Coalition (Platinum)

Student Information System
Anthology, Anthology Student (Platinum)

Teletherapy/Wellness Program
Presence, Kanga (Platinum)

Training/Professional Development
Vector Solutions, Vector Training (Platinum)
Adobe, Adobe Connect 12 (Gold)

Video/Web Conferencing Hardware (Camera)
BenQ, DVY32 Smart 4K Conference Camera (Platinum)

Virtual Reality/Metaverse Software/System
Aventis Education, Eduverse Expeditions (Platinum)

Web security
Lenovo, Lenovo NetFilter (Platinum)

Winners will receive awards for their recognized products. They will also be featured on the industry leading website, and included in an upcoming THE Journal e-newsletter.

“This year’s New Product Awards highlight the important role technology plays across all aspects of K–12 education. We are pleased to recognize the winners for their contribution to the ed-tech ecosystem that moves schools forward, improves teaching and learning, and supports students, teachers and administrators,” said David Nagel, Editor-in-Chief of THE Journal.

Information about the 2023 THE Journal New product awards will be available at in fall 2023.

For more information, please contact

Susan May
Group Marketing Director
1105 Media Infrastructure Solutions Group
[email protected]

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