True Digital Park unveils immersive art show in three phases

True Digital Park unveils immersive art show in three phases

The three-month art show runs until March 15

True Digital Park unveils four artworks at the Gate Immersive Theater exhibition, which runs until March 15 on the first floor at True Digital Park West.

The show, a collaboration between True Digital Park and Topos Studio of South Korea, combines virtual reality and art in four outstanding works of art.

Dr Tarit Nimmanwudipong, True Digital Park (TDPK) general manager, said the venue is a good fit for the show as TDPK is a hub for start-ups and has a community center to cater to the needs of young professionals.

Immersive art may sound like a cliche these days, but Daegyeom Heo, CEO of Topos Studio, promised that “the projection technology on a large space will allow visitors to completely lose themselves in works of art”. According to him, it will be the first time. that We Are The Primitives Of A New Era by the late Aldo Tambellini will be.

Topos Studio is an art center delivered through virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, and is a platform for art experimentation through collaboration between artists, engineers and scholars.

For those who have never experienced immersive digital art, this will be a new way to appreciate art. An empty room will act as a canvas for a visual projection while light and sound components further complement the experience. Visitors are at the center of the artwork as they interact with it, literally.

The following four works of art will be on display at The Gate Immersive Theater in three stages. Please note the different display periods.

We Are The Primitives Of A New Era and The Homage To Space Odyssey (2022) is on view until January 14. The latter is a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s film 2002: A Space Odyssey and is supplemented by Spoke Zarathustraa composition by Richard Strauss, to deliver a galactic feel.

Vortex (2022) is on view from January 15 to February 14, and is anamorphic art created by Wizziewick Studios, a South Korean firm specializing in motion graphics.

The Future is Fungi (2021) will last from 15 February to 15 March. It will be a colorful forest filled with tall trees and mycelium and they will move to music.

You can enjoy them all for free from 11:00-19:00 at True Digital Park West on the first floor. True Digital Park is easily accessible through BTS Punnawithi.

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