What to Expect Japanese Gamblers in Spain? The Difference Between the Online Casino Markets in Japan and Spain

What to Expect Japanese Gamblers in Spain? The Difference Between the Online Casino Markets in Japan and Spain

Although online gambling is very popular these days, not every country has the same laws and regulations. Most of them differ depending on the history of online casinos and different casino features. This also means that if you are a successful player in Japan, your luck may not carry over to other countries such as Spain. Unfortunately, no matter how proficient you are in Japan, you need to do some research beforehand. However, we are here to help you figure out casino life hacks in Spanish online platforms to be successful. So let’s give a brief overview of gambling in both Japan and Spain to find out key differences.

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Overview of gambling in Japan

Let’s start with some basics in Japan. First of all, you should know that gaming in Japan is a highly valuable and successful industry. So if you are wondering what type of legal betting is available, the list is quite extensive. Four public sports exist, including horse racing, bicycle racing, motor boat racing, and motorcycle racing. They are regulated by local governments and are quite popular. There is also a public lottery as well as Japanese football pools. Suppose you suddenly decide that sports betting is your thing in Japan. In that case we advise you to ???????? (real money casino) licensed to provide its services. It has a large selection of games and guarantees the safety and security of local players. This is the best way to play casino games and enjoy real money. In addition, you can spend your casino winnings to travel to Spain.

Additionally, many game developers draw inspiration from Japanese culture and anime. It is a hand drawn as well as computer generated automation that has taken over the world and will always be popular. This is how we get more and more slot machines and different games that are widely associated with anime. It is one of the most successful styles of animation that is no longer only linked to Japanese culture. In general, Japan may not be revolutionary in its gambling, but it keeps up with trends and creates them.

Tips for Spanish gamblers

Among European countries, Spain is one of the best countries for different types of online gambling. It was legalized in 2011 and has been growing ever since. You have all forms of sports, betting, lottery and slot machines. Playing casino titles in Japan is definitely next level. We will get to two casino tips a little later. Legalization is now our primary point. In addition, you do not necessarily have to pay tax as long as you do not win more than €40,000. Spain also allows providers and game developers to provide their services as long as they are licensed. In general, laws regarding gambling in Spain are more relaxed compared to Japan.

Game selection and accessibility

Games election in Japan is both abundant and slightly limited. Aside from traditional sports betting, most local citizens try to get the most out of pachinko. It is a traditional Japanese game that looks like a mix of a slot, machine and pinball machine. It is associated with loud sounds and vibrant colors. There are also specifically dedicated pachinko rooms that will impress travelers. When you enter a pachinko room for the first time, be prepared to face a lot of noise and exciting images. However, Spain is a bit more traditional and will offer you a good variety of slot machines and table games, which are not available in Japan, poker, American roulette and live blackjack. As far as gambling is concerned, it is a more accessible and danger-free country. Additionally, many poker tournaments and live dealer games are available to players.

Payment options

Payment options are very similar in Japan, as well as in Spain. The variation usually includes three different categories. Here we are, including credit or debit cards, digital wallets and cryptocurrency. Suppose you want to get the best out of your experience. In that case, we recommend using digital wallets such as PayPal or Apple Pay. This will allow you to reduce the fees, make the withdrawals faster and limit access to your personal information. Cryptocurrency is usually a bit risky. However, this is a good chance to double or even triple your profit. Finally, bank, wire transfers or traditional credit cards are still available. However, many users usually associate them with identity theft. We do not recommend playing casino titles directly with your credit card.

  • Credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Cardano
  • Electronic remittance
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Tether

Technological progress

Spain is also known for its technological advances. Here we talk about everything from virtual reality to the use of cryptocurrency. Even though virtual reality is only a dream, for now it will slowly grow to become a reality. We say that it is just a dream because of its price. Not everyone can afford to buy a virtual reality headset or develop a realistic game. Although many gaming titles are close to real life, they have yet to surpass land-based options. When virtual reality becomes part of this market, real casinos will struggle to keep up. Japan is definitely on the same level as Spain, if not higher. It is a global center for game developers. Gambling may not be as popular or well-known in Japan as it is in the United States or Europe. Yet technology created in Japan has always influenced this market in general.

Bottom line

In general, the main difference between Japan and Spain is legalization. Not every single online gambling title is available to you in Japan. The situation is very different in Spain. You can enjoy everything from traditional slot machines to poker, blackjack, live games and many other options. However, Japan is distinct when it comes to cultural elements. There are many Pachinko rooms as well as online variations of this game. It will draw you in. Therefore, it is incredibly difficult to compare both experiences. We also can’t help but mention that Japan has always been a revolutionary country when it comes to technology. Even though Japanese game developers hardly apply themselves to gambling, they still create trends in this gambling industry. It is hard to imagine iGaming without the influence of Japanese culture. Here we can include game design, narrative design, animation, sound design and many other elements. We would recommend that you try games in both Japan and Spain. Finally, if you decide to gamble, don’t forget to always be responsible with your budget.

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